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Water: The looming crisis

Water: The looming crisis

The looming water crisis, believe the experts, is the result of a growing global population and expanding economies placing bigger demands on already depleted water supplies

The Caribbean, the most tourism-dependent region in the world

It may look like paradise, but the Caribbean’s vulnerability to climate change and over-reliance on tourism signals trouble ahead An innovative new programme, CARIBSAVE, aims to find a sustainable solution to enhance the livelihoods, environments and economies of these islands The Caribbean is the most tourism-dependent region in the world, and there are few options […]

Abu Dhabi

A desert state that owes up to 80% of its government revenues to fossil fuels could be seen as an unlikely player in the arena of green and sustainable tourism But while the United Arab Emirates may rank seventh in the world when it comes to oil reserves, its leaders have sufficient foresight to realise […]