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Chapter 7: Purchasing & supply chains

This section examines why it is important to consider environmental and sustainability issues as part of all your purchasing decisions and how to put in place a programme for sustainable supply chain management. Twenty-five years ago when we purchased products or services we gave little thought to what effect our decision would have on the […]

Chapter 8: Hazardous Materials

A number of substances found within the fabric of hotel buildings or that are used as part of the hotel operation pose potential hazards to human health, biodiversity and the environment. They must be handled, stored and disposed of carefully and replaced with less hazardous alternatives where possible. This approach should include phasing out the […]

Chapter 9: Refurbishment & Landscaping

Most hotels have rolling programmes involving redecoration, changing lighting and services or, more radically, refurbishing whole floors and upgrading major items of plant. Often systems are replaced on a like-for-like basis, but refurbishment presents an excellent opportunity to increase energy-efficiency as well as introduce other environmental improvements. When choosing materials, products and equipment, environmental criteria […]

Chapter 10: Wider Responsibilities

In addition to giving environmental considerations a high priority in the day-to-day operation of your hotel, there are other factors to take into account if you wish to make your operation more sustainable in the long term. These include adopting a more ‘community-based’ approach and doing business fairly and in an ethical way, without exploiting […]