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Talking Point: Shop around for food waste solutions and get greener

Talking Point: Shop around for food waste solutions and get greener

Food preparation and service will always result in an element of food waste, but this blog by Amur energy shows us the hotel industry has an opportunity to benefit the environment – and reduce costs – by driving change. Nobody likes waste, but no matter how frugal restaurants try to be with ordering, there will […]

Talking Point: Can heating systems save CO2?

Heating a hotel to suit everyone’s preferences, to respond to unpredictable weather, and to meet budgets and green credentials can be a costly and complicated task. Darren McMahon, marketing director at Viessmann, offers insights, examples and advice on installing and maintaining a reliable heating system. According to the Carbon Trust, annual energy costs in the […]

Talking Point: Are you sending your water straight down the drain?

In this Talking Point blog, David Davis, Technical Director at Encore asks why hotels aren’t doing more to save water. Hotels by their very nature have to consume a lot of water in order to function. But saving every drop of water can make a huge difference globally in the hotel industry’s bid to reduce […]

Talking Point: How can hotels work with refugees?

Hotels around the world, but particularly around the Mediterranean have witnessed the refugee crisis that has hit the region for the past few years and is currently increasing again as warmer, calmer seas encourage thousands more to make the perilous journey. Having a seasonal need for staff, hoteliers are keen to try to engage refugees, […]

Talking Point: Hotels’ laundry choices could help drive the circular economy

In this Talking Point blog Paul Servin, Xeros Technology Platform Leaders thinks how hoteliers’ choices can contribute to the circular economy. June 5 is World Environment Day; a chance for all industries – including hotels – to reflect on the impact humans are having on the environment. One of the most pressing environmental issues we […]

Responsible hotels should partner the UN’s sustainable tourism programme

Sustainable hotels could drive responsible business action further and faster by becoming a partner of the United Nations’ 10FYP (10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production). The 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme (10YFP STP) is a collaborative platform to bring together existing initiatives and partnerships and facilitate new projects and activities to accelerate the […]

Talking Point: Could your kitchen FOG boost the circular economy?

In today’s Talking Point blog, Michelle Ringland, head of marketing at drainage specialist Lanes Group wonders whether hotels can find a FOG solution that’s also eco friendly. Restaurant kitchens face continuous drainage problems, so hotels need to be more aware of how they dispose of their fats, oils and greases. Every year, drainage firms are […]

Talking Point: Can you take your green credentials outside?

Warmer days encourage customers and guests to eat and relax al fresco, but many outdoor living purchases may see your green credentials vanish into thin air. Simon Tappenden, director at Ovation Commercial Services, has some tips for an environmentally friendly patio or deck. Being a green hotelier is often easier to achieve indoors than out, […]

Could you be the first hotel group on 100% renewable energy?

We interviewed Tom Lindberg and Stein Amble Haugan, Managing Director and Key Account Manager of ECOHZ, to learn more about global renewable energy solutions. GH: What do you see in particular is the challenge for hotel groups, which may have properties all over the world, in switching to 100% renewable? Stein: Almost all hotels focus their environmental efforts […]

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