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EcoKnit Snag Free Quick Drying Towels
Hartdean’s EcoKnit Technology is an innovative development, created to reduce towel processing costs, in particular, they will reduce your energy by 40% and water consumption by 15%, this has been proven and is guaranteed. EcoKnit products will not only be economical in saving money but...
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Natural Chemistry-Swimming pools (US)
Natural chemistry are a company specialising in the creation of pool maintenance and hygiene products. Natural chemistry is constantly developing thoughtful, sensible solutions that focus both on the environment and the best interests of commerce and the consumer. An example of it's eco-friendly material use is a natural clarifier...
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BIOTOP-Swimming Pools (EU)
The sustainable use of the precious resource water has been a concern to BIOTOP since its establishment 30 years ago. Natural Pools provide crystal clear water without any use of chemicals. The natural pool, which is the image of a natural lake, provides a living...
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