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Food Safety

Food Safety

Why is food safety important? Food safety and hygiene means taking the necessary precautions in order to ensure that food is fit for human consumption and does not create an environmental health hazard. There are significant legal, ethical and business reasons why food safety should be part of any restaurant or food service establishment’s overall […]

Indoor Air Quality

What is meant by indoor air quality? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is often more seriously polluted than outdoor air. Given that many of us spend up to 90 per cent of our time indoors or in vehicles this is significant. For general health, well-being and safety reasons, human beings require […]

Environmental awareness and training

Why is environmental awareness and training important? Successful businesses need to be efficient, well-managed, customer-focused, offer quality products and services and provide value for money. Within this framework they also have to fulfil the expectations of their stakeholders, which includes demonstrating their commitment to the environment. A company can have the most ambitious environmental policy, […]


What are the environmental issues with regard to flooring? Today’s choice of floor covering is almost limitless – hard or soft, natural, synthetic or recycled, and in any colour or design imaginable. Selecting affordable and appropriate flooring for the location and amount of wear involved are obviously immediate priorities, but there are other issues to […]