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Reducing and Managing Food Waste in Hotels

Reducing and Managing Food Waste in Hotels

…at the end of this Guide). Apply anything you learn to the plan and update it regularly. Share your case studies with us at Considerate Hoteliers and on Green Hotelier – here’s how to contribute. On Twitter, use the hashtag #foodwaste to make sure others see your story, and to search for and link to relevant organisations. You might also choose to get external recognition for your achievements through awards and certifications, such as the UK…

Waste Management

…Research, Cornell University www.hotelschool.cornell.edu/research Chartered Institution of Wastes Management www.ciwm.org.uk The Green House www.thegreenhouse.co.uk Hypnos Ltd www.hypnos.ltd.uk Juniper Food Waste www.juniperfoodwaste.com Letsrecycle.com www.letsrecycle.com Mechline Developments Limited www.mechline.com Resource Recovery Forum www.resourcesnotwaste.org Recycling.co.uk www.recycling.co.uk Recycle Now www.recyclenow.com Remondis…

Food Safety

…e that could be a hazard to health. Use foot-operated bins in preference to lids that have to be removed by hand. How you handle and dispose of waste food can have important food safety and environmental health implications: Food waste, non-edible by-products and other refuse should be removed from rooms where food is present as quickly as possible. Rinse glass, aluminium and plastic containers thoroughly before putting them into recycling bins….

Talking Point: Hoteliers should avoid piling on the pounds of food waste this Christmas

There’s more to food waste than managing your buffet In our festive Talking Point, Benjamin Lephilibert, Managing Director of Lightblue Environmental Consulting looks at why tackling food waste is like going to the gym. The importance of minimising food waste is nearly as universally understood as the importance of good health. But in both cases, it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re doing a better job than you really are. Someone looking…

Week-long campaign tackles food waste

Hotels urged to tackle food waste A food waste campaign run in Wales run in co-ordination with the British Hospitality Association has targeted food waste. The food waste reduction campaign ‘Your Business is Food, don’t throw it away’ has proven successful in informing target businesses how best to combat food waste. In partnership with WRAP Cymru, the BHA conducted a pilot at seven restaurants and hotel businesses across Wales from Llandudno…

Sofitel So Bangkok makes big reduction in food waste

Reducing food waste at the Sofitel So Bangkok A luxury hotel – the Sofitel So Bangkok – has changed working methods and made big savings on food waste with a subsequent financial gain as well. As our recent waste Talking Point theme demonstrated, food waste can be a big issue for hotels. Sometimes just accepted as normal, hotel kitchens can generate high quantities of food waste, but in doing so are often paying for the food three times over….

Talking Point: Do you know how much your food waste really costs?

Hotels should consider the cost of purchase, labour, water & cooking. Continuing our Talking Point posts on waste and food waste this month, Brian Quinn at GoGreenTomato.com highlights the true cost of food waste to hotels. Chances are your food waste is costing you much more than you realise. Here Quinn explains why and offers one technological solution to monitoring. In 2013, the Waste and Resources Action Plan (WRAP), a UK government…

Sustainability in the Kitchen – Food & Drink

…o minimising the energy used in production, transport and storage. It must also support farmers, sustainable agriculture and local communities, and give farmers in developing countries a fairer deal. Minimising packaging and food waste is also key. According to a recent report in NGF Next Generation Food, the food thrown away by the US and Europe could feed the world three times over. The catering and hospitality industry is responsible for a…

Talking Point: Take a stand on food waste and deliver big savings

How many ways can you reduce food waste? This week in our Talking Point blogspot looking at waste and food waste, Philip Simpson, commercial director at leading food waste recycler, ReFood, discusses how hotels can make significant environmental and financial savings by reducing their food waste. Did you know that your bins could contain the key to improving your bottom line? It may sound ridiculous, but by reducing, reusing and recycling food

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