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Red Centre’s Green Hotel

Uluru, (Ayers Rock), the world’s largest monolith, sits in the desert outback in the geographical heart of Australia. Helena Faith Miel, Environmental Consultant comments It attracts visitors from all over the world wishing to experience the stark beauty of the desert and the 20,000-year old Aboriginal culture. Tourist accommodation for the area is provided by […]

Hotels and Resorts in Mountain Areas

The year 2002 has been designated International Year of Mountains. As the number of people wanting to visit remote locations grows, whether for sport or simply to appreciate nature, preservation of the environment and the ways of the people who live there should be our primary concern Because of their inaccessibility, mountain areas often support […]

Environmental Rating in Bali

Water scarcity, beach management, the increasing numbers of tourists and the island’s limited carrying capacity are just some of the environmental issues facing Bali in Indonesia In 1996, triggered by concerns about Bali’s environmental problems and the issues surrounding tourism development, the Wisnu Foundation ‘(a Bali based environmental organisation) set about developing an evaluation system […]

Singapore’s green Christmas

How Le Meridien staff in Singapore communicated a seasonal message with a difference… Staff at Singapore’s Forte Meridien Orchard Road sent a very special Christmas message last year – with a spectacular 20-foot high ‘Christmas tree’ created from 8,000 discarded aluminium cans. PR manager Evonne Lee worked with local environmental artist Anthony Woo to develop […]

Asia on Stream

As visitors flood into the fast-developing Asia Pacific region, good water management is a critical priority for hotel operators says writer Paul Clements-Hunt Festival goers, floating their Loin Kratong offerings on the Chao Phraya River, which runs through the heart of Bangkok, believe the gesture will purify their souls. The malt whisky distillers of Scotland understand […]