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Earthborn-Building/paint (UK)

Earthborn-Building/paint (UK)

Earthborn was founded as a small, independent brand committed to providing a true eco alternative to conventional paints. With core products awarded the soughtafter EU Ecolabel, Earthborn’s unique formulations have proved popular with consumers, professionals and style gurus alike. By carefully selecting ingredients and using technologically advanced manufacturing processes and formulations, Earthborn create a selection of outstanding products.

Natural Chemistry-Swimming pools (US)

Natural chemistry are a company specialising in the creation of pool maintenance and hygiene products. Natural chemistry is constantly developing thoughtful, sensible solutions that focus both on the environment and the best interests of commerce and the consumer. An example of it’s eco-friendly material use is a natural clarifier made from the recycled shells of crabs and various sea […]

Inductive Logic-kitchen (UK)

Focusing on  both hot beverage products and induction heating tools, Inductive Logic design, manufacture, import and distribute innovative, high performance products to a variety of UK and European markets. Inductive Logic’s wealth of expertise allows it to obtain the highest quality products at the lowest possible price.  

Big Grass-furniture (US)

Big Grass’ commitment to the preservation of artistic traditions and environmental riches is reflected in our passion for cultural practices, resource conservation and sustainable materials. It has a wide range of furniture and accessories which mirror their all-encompassing culture of sustainability. Big Grass work directly with village-based artisans that set their own prices and earn fair compensation for their […]

Ecotricity-green energy (UK)

Ecotricity’s purpose in life is the environment. Ecotricity’s major activity is changing the way energy is made and used in the UK namely through the use of wind turbines. Even though windmills save carbon they are open to the fact that they have an impact on the environment. Ecotricity doesn’t just ‘try’ to reduce its impact or […]

Pevonia Botanica- green toiletries/cosmetics (UK)

Pevonia Botanica offers a complete line of spa products containing the finest natural marine and botanical ingredients, combined with technologically advanced formulas and treatments that deliver highly visible results. The ingredients in it’s natural skin care range are superior and refined in quality, and from the very best source.

Focus print group-printing (Aus)

Focus Print Group are Australia’s leading provider of printing and communications services. They are committed to making a difference to your business communications through our innovative and sustainable solutions. We are an Australian owned, award winning company and have been leaders in emerging technologies, innovation and sustainability for almost 20 years.  

BIOTOP-Swimming Pools (EU)

The sustainable use of the precious resource water has been a concern to BIOTOP since its establishment 30 years ago. Natural Pools provide crystal clear water without any use of chemicals. The natural pool, which is the image of a natural lake, provides a living space for people, animals and plants and creates the incomparable […]

The Green Stationery company- green stationery/office supplies (UK)

The Green Stationery Company selects products that are environmentally benign or have environmental advantages over the standard stationery equivalents. The company aim to maintain sustainable business practices and have a unique range of products to reflect this including different types of recycled paper as well as organically made glue sticks all in unique biodegradable packaging.