Talking Point – Hotels can feed into the Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard

The seven areas of sustainable development

The seven areas of sustainable development

In March EarthCheck launched the Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard to gather information on global tourism and sustainable development. Here EarthCheck CEO and Founder Stewart Moore explains how hoteliers can get involved by exploring the data and helping to fill in some of the knowledge gaps.

It is with great anticipation that we introduce the Global Tourism Dashboard to the Green Hotelier community in this, the United Nations Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, and EarthCheck’s 30th year in sustainable tourism leadership. The vision for The Dashboard is to be an ongoing source of information to help the tourism industry make progress in working towards sustainable tourism. The time for action is now – and this accessible, user-friendly and interactive website will provide insight, key analysis and most importantly a platform for open dialogue.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard provides a high level platform to assess where global tourism 'is heading', and by doing so it provides a template and triple bottom line benchmarks for countries and destinations to track and measure sustainability indicators.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard was inspired by the need for sustainability indicators to be measured and tracked in a consistent and transparent manner so areas for improvement can be identified and achievements celebrated. As an industry we generally have good demand data but we traditionally have not managed to track social and environmental performance.

EarthCheck has agreed to openly share our evidence based data on destinations, enterprises and tourism infrastructure with thought leaders such as the Griffith Institute, WTTC and Surrey University and is delighted to support and contribute to the Dashboard project

I strongly believe the success of COP 21 and the Paris Agreement depends on increasing measurement, reporting and disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions across the tourism distribution and supply chain. The Dashboard will provide an excellent tool for the tourism industry to report on its progress.

On behalf of the Global Tourism Dashboard, I warmly invite you to explore the data now available in seven key areas of sustainable development – and think about how your tourism operation or destination can contribute to the data supplied and address the gaps identified. This collective approach is vital if we as an industry are to achieve a sustainable future. Visit

I welcome your feedback on this initiative – and would love to hear from you personally at

Download the full infographic shown above here.

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