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Inductive Logic-kitchen (UK)
Focusing on  both hot beverage products and induction heating tools, Inductive Logic design, manufacture, import and distribute innovative, high performance products to a variety of UK and European markets. Inductive Logic's wealth of expertise allows it to obtain the highest quality products at the lowest possible price.  ...
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Ecotricity-green energy (UK)
Ecotricity’s purpose in life is the environment. Ecotricity’s major activity is changing the way energy is made and used in the UK namely through the use of wind turbines. Even though windmills save carbon they are open to the fact that they have an impact...
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Net LED- lighting (UK)
NET LED specialises in the distribution of energy saving LED lighting solutions for commercial businesses across the UK. Over a million commercial NET LED Lighting products have replaced existing fluorescent, halogen, mercury vapour or sodium lamps used in commercial and industrial buildings....
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