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Chapter 1: Project Inception

Chapter 1: Project Inception

Our free resource, Sustainable Hotel Siting, Design and Construction is a comprehensive guide to sustainable hotel design and construction aimed at those involved in the process of planning or developing new hotels. It will take you every step of the journey from project inception, financing and putting together a team, to designing, architectural considerations, operational […]

Chapter 2: Pre-Design

Before the design phase of the project can commence, there are a number of steps to be completed that will have a major bearing on the sustainability of the building. These include selecting the most appropriate site for the development, consulting fully with stakeholders in the local community, conducting an environmental impact assessment and creating […]

Chapter 3: Creating the Design Brief

The design brief should be developed by the architect working in partnership with the client, the supply team, key stakeholders and any external specialists who may be called upon to advise upon the sustainability of the project. The design brief should develop and expand the project brief, providing greater detail but remaining sufficiently open-ended to […]

Chapter 4: Architectural and Physical Design

Communicating the overall sustainable vision to members of the planning, design and construction teams will help them to think of the hotel as a complete, interdependent system with specific features and performance requirements and not as a collection of electrical, mechanical and structural engineering disciplines. The design process requires an interactive approach where everyone involved […]

Chapter 5: Operational Design

This chapter of our free resource – Sustainable Hotel Siting, Design and Construction – looks at the operational design elements to consider including those in respect to energy, water, waste, materials, noise, air quality and emissions and use of hazardous substances. You can download the chapter for free here.

Chapter 6: Construction and Refurbishment

It is well known that construction sites have negative impacts on the local environment and community through noise, air, and water and land pollution. Clients and contractors should make provisions to minimise these impacts and any disruption to the community and ensure the health and absolute safety of local residents as well as that of […]

Chapter 7: Commissioning and Operation

Although the building may appear to be complete, commissioning is the true test of whether it functions as a system. Commissioning is best described as the process of ensuring that a building performs according to its design intent and to suit the needs of its owners and occupants. Proper commissioning of the hotel’s mechanical, electrical […]

Chapter 8: Interior Design

It is now generally agreed that providing good indoor air quality is critical to asthma and allergy prevention and the minimisation of other health effects such as headaches and nausea. Some of the synthetic products used in the 1960s and 70s have proved to have adverse environmental and health effects. Examples include paints and varnishes […]

Chapter 9: Monitoring Performance

There is a well-known phrase that says ‘you cannot manage what you cannot measure’ and it is particularly true for managing resource efficiency in hotels. The hotel operator should use the appropriate measuring devices that will permit monitoring, assessment and adjustment of all major energy and water-consuming equipment and systems, and of the waste output […]

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