Contributing to Green Hotelier

Green Hotelier is the primary communications platform for the International Tourism Partnership, an organisation that leads the sustainable agenda in the global hotel sector. We are always keen to hear about new ideas for articles and contributions. However, to ensure that your time isn’t wasted, please read the following guidelines before getting in touch.


Green Hotelier has a global audience, appealing primarily to hoteliers (from global chains to independents), CSR Managers, sustainability professionals, hotel suppliers, industry commentators, students and academics.


Green Hotelier is a leading source of information on everything relating to sustainable, green and responsible issues in the global hotel industry.  We have an Editorial Plan for 2018 which includes a theme and destination focus for each month. We are looking for articles, interviews, case studies and opinion pieces tied to each theme/ destination so please do get in touch if you have something relevant.

We also welcome contributions in the form of:

  • Commentary and insight articles, which are arranged thematically or by destination. Up to 1000 words, containing relevant and engaging insights on a topic that sits under one theme (water, waste, energy & carbon, supply chain, new builds & retro-fits, policy, certification & business, community, community & engagement) or covers a specific destination
  • Know How articles, offering practical advice and solutions to hoteliers. Up to 2000 words presenting a topic, explaining why it’s important for hoteliers to take action and offering practical solutions and advice. Must include at least 1 case study (see ‘spotlight on’ boxes)
  • Best Practice Case Studies, from hotel properties of all sizes with very strong and preferably innovative sustainable initiatives in place. Please note we have a set template for these so please contact us prior to gathering information.
  • Industry News and Events, relating to the sustainable agenda in the hotel industry. Up to 700 words featuring a current news story or an up-and-coming event featuring sustainability/ responsibility AND the hotel sector
  • Talking Point Opinion Pieces, from an industry expert. These will address a current issue relating to sustainability and responsible business in the hospitality industry. Up to 800 words. You should identify the issue, why our readers should be concerned about it and what they should be doing about it. It should seek to spark ideas and debate. You should include a bio which identifies your expertise in this area.
  • Meet the GM: Developing a new slot for properties to shine a spotlight on the daily ‘frontline’ of managing CR in a hotel, including staff training, labour issues, community issues, supply chain, energy, water, waste. Day-in-a-life or specific issue-led story.

Please observe the following guidelines for all articles:

  • Must be accompanied by at least one landscape image
  • Must include accurate references and sources for any statistics, data or quotations provided
  • Must not be promotional (although may include reference to products where appropriate)
  • Must be unique content
  • Should include reference to specific hotels and case studies where possible
  • Should be accompanied by a short bio of the author
  • Should include no more than two external links at the bottom of the article, not throughout

By contributing to Green Hotelier you agree that:

  • Publisher receives full rights to the article and all images supplied, although Writer retains copyright
  • Images and articles may be used in any digital or print form by Publisher and partner organisations and platforms, including the International Tourism Partnership
  • You warrant that to the best of your knowledge the articles and images do not violate or infringe on copyright, trademark, contract, or proprietary rights of others, or contain anything libelous or defamatory, and you agree to indemnify and hold Publisher harmless against any final judgement resulting from the falsity of the foregoing warranties
  • Publisher may revise, edit, condense or otherwise alter the work but will make no substantial changes without gaining permission

To submit an idea or article please do not hesitate to contact Green Hotelier’s Editor here.