Lux makes Ile des Deux Cocos 100% renewable

Installing solar panels at LUX resort, Mauritius

Installing solar panels at LUX resort, Mauritius

LUX Resorts & Hotels has implemented 130 solar panels and batteries to fully substitute diesel-based power generation at its Ile des Deux Cocos property, off-grid in South-East Mauritius.

Building upon the many eco-friendly initiatives already embedded in LUX’s sustainable vision, this project demonstrates the power of the group’s Tread Lightly programme, whereby guests’ participation supports long-term improvement of the properties’ environmental impacts.

The 20kWp renewable project’s state-of-the-art design and storage solution will allow for 11 hours operation daily and fulfil self-sufficiency of the property including during night-time. The project complements the group’s carbon offsetting contribution channelled to regional CO2 compensation projects in partnership with Aera Group (formerly known as ecosur afrique) which maintains a tailored selection of carbon compensation commitments across Africa and Asia, matching accurate and up-to-date GHG impacts monitoring across destinations, to the most appropriate and effective corresponding offset projects.

Recent entries in LUX’s Tread Lightly compensation portfolio include voluntarily Verified Carbon Standard certified emission reductions from:

  • Producing green electricity from individual windmill owners in India
  • Supporting biogas energy in Eastern Africa

Vishnee Payen, Sustainability & CSR Manager of LUX* Resorts & Hotels, said, “LUX* ensures to have sustainable development at the core of its strategy and operations. The Tread Lightly initiative helps to contribute to local and global goals such as Energy Efficiency, Reduction in Carbon Emissions, also aligning with the SDGs and COP21 targets. We are dependent on the environment and it is our duty to protect it for ourselves and for future generations to come. This can only be achieved through tangible projects implementations and responsible resource consumption. LUX* will continue its journey towards renewable energy solutions and eco-products as far as possible and at the same time contributing to the economy and supporting communities.”

Alexandre Dunod, AERA Group advisory manager, said, “This is another mark of leadership in sustainability from LUX* which should inspire the industry in 2017 declared by UN as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Environmental responsibility and transparency are growing significantly in the hospitality sector on the way to Paris agreement implementation and we are proud of being part of such pioneer efforts in the Indian Ocean and beyond.”

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