Two Bunch Palms Eyes Carbon Neutrality

Two Bunch Palms is adding PV panels to go carbon neutral

Two Bunch Palms is adding PV panels to go carbon neutral

Two Bunch Palms is on track to become the first carbon neutral resort in North America.

This iconic getaway located outside Palm Springs, California is best known for its 600-year-old hot mineral springs. In the past the sprawling resort served as a relaxation destination for classic Hollywood stars and the legendary Al Capone. Film buffs might also recognise Two Bunch Palms from “The Player,” a 1992 film starring Tim Robbins.

Today however, the resort is garnering attention for another reason: it could soon become the first carbon neutral resort in North America.

When CEO Kevin Kelly, a sustainable developer and resort veteran - as well as the former President and Chief Branding Officer of Canyon Ranch, joined Two Bunch Palms in 2013, he made the strategic decision to prioritise planetary wellness alongside personal wellness.

“A spa cannot call itself a leader in wellness without also being committed to sustainability,” said Kelly. “While consumers may have different motivations for enhancing personal and environmental wellbeing, the two concepts are increasingly intertwined. The present-day spa industry has rediscovered the mind, body and spirit connection, but we have fallen short of extending this concept to include individual, community and planetary health. Two Bunch Palms seeks to lead these efforts by promoting sustainability and supporting others who share this vision.”

Today, Two Bunch Palms employs a host of sustainability initiatives, including:

  • New hot water heaters in guest rooms, as well as energy-efficient doors and windows
  • Non-toxic, water-based cleaning products, including natural and organic wellness products in the spa and guest rooms
  • Paper, plastic and bottle recycling bins for guests and staff
  • Locally-sourced, healthier gourmet food

But with carbon neutrality in their sights, the Two Bunch Palms executives knew the resort was missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. They needed to make the switch to renewable energy.

With support from national clean energy provider Pear Energy, Two Bunch Palms will soon be home to a 550-kW photovoltaic (PV) system, which will provide enough energy to offset 100 per cent of Two Bunch Palms’ electric power consumption. Through a 21-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Pear, Two Bunch Palms was able to bring its solar dreams to life without breaking the bank. Construction on the PV system is scheduled for completion this Autumn.

“Taking on a holistic approach to sustainability is no easy feat, especially when you consider the budgetary element,” said Kelly. “The PPA with Pear was crucial to achieving our goal of carbon neutrality without a huge upfront investment. We will be able to redirect the operational savings from our electric bill to capital for major room renovations. Overall, we are a shining example that it is possible to make decisions for the betterment of both our planet and our business.”

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