ITC Hotels sustains its sustainability credentials


Lotus Pavilion at ITC Gardenia

Lotus Pavilion at ITC Gardenia

ITC Hotels group is continuing its push to deliver sustainable initiatives in the hospitality industry in India.

Their efforts have been rewarded with ITC Maurya being named ‘Best Eco Friendly Hotel’ in the National Tourism Awards.

ITC Maurya, Delhi has been awarded the ‘Best Eco Friendly Hotel’ at the prestigious National Tourism Awards, hosted by India’s Ministry of Tourism earlier this year. The award recognises ITC Maurya’s outstanding contribution and ongoing commitment to the environment. The hotel received the accolade from the Indian Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Shashi Tharoor, at a ceremony held in New Delhi.

Innovation and cutting edge technology combined with an emphasis on responsible luxury have enabled ITC Maurya to create new benchmarks in energy, water efficiency, solid waste recycling and carbon reduction, making it the largest hotel in the world to be certified LEED® Platinum, (in the Existing Building category), the highest certification awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council.

ITC Maurya was awarded for being a leader in eco practices in India, thanks to the property’s history of implementing sustainable initiatives for over two decades. These include using the largest and first on-site Paraboloid solar concentrators, a first for the global hospitality industry.

“We believe that businesses can and must play a sustainability role, therefore we have moved from a single dimension of financial value creation to a triple bottom line approach that encompasses the social, economic and environmental dimension. The way forward lies in living off the interest of our planet’s resources (its sunshine and biological richness), rather than the capital (non-renewable resources)”, says Nakul Anand, Executive Director of ITC Ltd. In charge of its hospitality businesses.

One of Delhi's leading five-star hotels, ITC Maurya is a favourite with celebrities and VIPs who visit the acclaimed Bukhara and Dun Pukht restaurants, rated amongst the best in the world. The architectural masterpiece, in the heart of India’s capital, offers stunning views over New Delhi’s green belt.

ITC Hotels is the only company in the world of its size, to achieve the environmental distinction of being water, carbon and solid waste recycling positive. ITC Hotels have become renowned for delivering a luxury yet sustainable experience for its guests at its properties throughout India’. The group’s commitment to ‘Responsible Luxury’ sets a benchmark for the industry as the first premium chain to achieve the prestigious LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum rating for all its luxury hotels.

Meanwhile, in recognition of the fact that customers are showing more affinity towards brands that are socially responsible, ITC played their part in Earth Day in April.

Their initiatives include:

  • More than 50% of the total electrical energy demand at ITC hotels is met through renewable sources.
  • A significant amount of food & beverage used and served at ITC Hotels is procured locally
  • ITC Hotels treat and recycle enough water to irrigate 65,000 trees annually
  • ITC Hotels annually offset carbon emission equivalent to carbon footprints created by flying across the globe almost 1200 times
  • The energy produced through wind farms at ITC Hotels is enough to light up the Delhi-Mumbai Highway for one year
  • ITC Hotels treat and recycle enough water to irrigate 65000 trees which aids in sequestering approximately 13000 tonnes of CO2
  • The hot water generated at ITC Hotels through the use of solar energy would be sufficient to address the average hot water consumption of 6000 household / families
  • ITC Hotels support local livelihoods by ensuring that they source more than 40% of their edible ingredients within 100 miles of their hotels in the region. In the process they minimise their carbon footprint while retaining the freshness of the ingredients in their menu
  • ITC Hotels endorse socially and environmentally responsible forestry by ensuring that more than 50% of the paper, stationery and wood is either FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, sourced locally or recycled.
  • ITC Grand Chola is the World’s largest LEED Platinum certified green hotel
  • ITC Gardenia, ITC Windsor, ITC Maratha and ITC Grand Chola are powered 100% by renewable energy
  • ITC Sonar is the only Hotel in the World to have earned carbon credits
ITC Grand Chola is powered by renewable energy

ITC Grand Chola is powered by renewable energy



  • Five of the hotels operate on wind energy; the largest self owned wind farms (29.5 MW) by any hotel chain in the world, for captive consumption – ITC Gardenia included
  • LEED platinum rated
  • Shrinks guest’s carbon footprint by over 60% when they chose to stay there
  • Wind cooled lobby
  • Vertical gardens
  • ITC Gardenia uses frontier green technologies in its systems like water recycling, energy and waste management, along with eco friendly materials in its architecture and décor
  • This commitment to greener practices also extends to the services that they offer. From green banquets to green conferencing
  • The wood used in the hotel has been out-sourced from The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Which means that all the wood received from them is certified not to be from natural forests, but from special forests grown for this purpose. Also 74% of the wood including the flooring is made out of engineered wood using wood dust. These have been made into cedar-finished ply
  • Extensive use of CO2 sensors are in place for better management of IAQ and ventilation
  • In the Sewage and Sullage Treatment Plants, there are separate treatments for Black and Grey water and with UV, there is a reduction in maintenance cost
  • The hotel has double insulated windows to ensure temperature control at the least cost
  • Natural light has been used as much as possible
  • Solar Energy has been used for outdoor lighting, steam generation and the hot water system
  • Rainwater harvesting systems are in place
  • Water efficient fittings are operated in guest rooms and public areas
  • ITC Gardenia has been conducting ongoing awareness programs for local school children on Responsible Luxury along with the guided hotel tour

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