Radisson Blu Cebu has most sustainable operations

Nishan Silva receives the HICAP award from Stephen Farrant

Nishan Silva receives the HICAP award from Stephen Farrant

The International Tourism Partnership’s Stephen Farrant was happy to name the Radisson Blu Cebu as winner at the HICAP 2014 Sustainable Hotel Awards in the Sustainable Operations category this month.

The 25th annual HICAP hosted by Burba Hotel Network (BHN), Horwath HTL, and Stiles Capital Events on 17th October saw the Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu in the Philippines win in the category of Sustainable Operations.

Through active programmes and consistent monitoring of environmental performance via its participation with the EarthCheck Certification Program, the Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu was recognised for achieving significant reductions in total waste, emissions and consumption.

They also achieved per-guest-night metrics ratings consistently and materially exceeding baseline and/or best practice benchmarks.

Examples of their key contributing initiatives include:

  • Mangrove and tree planting in coordination with government and private sector programmes,
  • Replacement of over 1,500 regular plants around the hotel perimeter to specifically selected tropical plants needing less water,
  • Creation of an in-house Integrated Energy Committee for overseeing the hotel’s compliance on energy and water efficiency,
  • The only hotel in Cebu City to have an Enterprise Building Automation System, for managing the hotel’s energy usage,
  • Changing to LED lights throughout the hotel’s lighting system, and incorporating timers,
  • Changing all kitchen exhaust fans and fresh air supply fans pulleys to bigger size pulleys,
  • Installing pre-cooler AHU’s with dehumidifiers, and adjusting maximum AHU speed to 42Hz (from 60Hz),
  • Reducing speeds to 40Hz (from 55HZ) on all chilled water pumps and condenser water,
  • Adjusting set point for all chillers to 47’F from 44’F,
  • Replacing 200 boiler horse power machines with 40 boiler horse power machines, resulting in 80% reduction in LPG consumption,
  • Coordinated water management measures including rain water collection for irrigation and cleaning,
  • Widespread use of consumption reduction techniques and equipment on energy and water,
  • Proactive employee and guest awareness / education initiatives,
  • Extensive recycling and waste management programs leading to zero waste sent to landfill.

Collecting the award, Nishan Silva, General Manager of the Radisson Blu Cebu said, “Being part of the hospitality industry, we always believe in providing a holistic experience that is driven by managing environmental and social sustainability through our programme, Responsible Business. We are humbled by the honor to be the first city hotel in the Philippines to be awarded by the HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards for Sustainable Operations.

“This year, we have also received several recognitions for these initiatives: Special Recognition on Climate Change in the Sustainable Business Awards 2014 by Global Initiatives and Silver Certification by EarthCheck. As part of our ongoing commitment to the people, environment and the community, we will continue to improve and develop further our acts of green through Responsible Business.”

Presenting the award, ITP Director Stephen Farrant said, "When it comes to sustainability and corporate responsibility, actions speak louder than words. The Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu has taken impressive steps on both social and environmental impact, while at the same time realising the vital importance of engaging hotel associates, guests and the local community in a process of continual improvement. I congratulate Nishan Silva and his team on their impressive work at the Radisson Blu Cebu, and it was a great pleasure to present him with this well-deserved award at the HICAP conference in Hong Kong.”

Other HICAP winners included the Holiday Inn Express Singapore Orchard Road for Sustainable Project Design; Shangri-la Villingili Resort & Spa in the Maldives for Sustainable Communities; and Ten Knots Development/El Nido Resorts for Sustainable Communities.

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