Inaugural Green Tourism Conference for Green Tourism Business Scheme

GoldStar Awards at the Green Tourism Conference

GoldStar Awards at the Green Tourism Conference

The Green Tourism Business Scheme has announced their first ever Green Tourism Conference taking place in Bristol on 8th November. It could be the greenest event you’ll ever attend!

The event aims to connect some of the greenest businesses and destinations in the UK with likeminded colleagues and suppliers, and will feature keynote speaker Satish Kumar, the inspirational editor of Resurgence and Ecologist magazine.

Other speakers at the event include Angel Reid-Nagy talking about Green Tourism Canada, and Carl Nichols from WRAP covering the Hospitality and Food Waste Voluntary Agreement.

Delegates can also benefit from five case studies introduced by some of our endorsed Green Suppliers illustrating some of the innovative and practical measures they have undertaken to ‘Green’ their businesses.

The conference represents an excellent opportunity for delegates to take advantage of a full day of networking, plus examples of good practice, discussion and business development.

The day culminates in the presentation of the GoldStar Awards 2013 which celebrate the very best Green Tourism businesses across the country, including for the first time a Green Tourism Destination Award and People’s Choice.

The whole event will be videoed and streamed live to the internet on the Green Tourism website, making it available to a much wider audience and reducing the carbon that would have been emitted by delegates travelling to the event.  All videos and interviews with delegates, speakers, sponsors and winners will be available after the event.

Bristol the Green Capital of Europe 2015 has been selected to host the event. The venue - At-Bristol Science Centre has achieved a Green Tourism Gold award since 2011 and has a strong environmental ethos. All menus use the finest seasonal ingredients and have been written to meet the Soil Association's silver standard catering mark. In addition, the venue holds the good chicken and good egg awards from the Compassion in World Farming.

Additionally there will be discussions on food waste and how this is disposed of encouraging compost or anaerobic digestion plants.  Recycle points will be available throughout the event and all waste types will be weighed and logged, and the associated carbon lost to landfill or recycled will be measured.  Green Tourism aim to measure the events' carbon through recording delegates’ travel and the energy use at the venue, and will ensure that this is offset through a reputable carbon management programme.



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