Sustainable and Accessible Tourism Event

Sustainable & accessible tourism in Europe

Sustainable & accessible tourism in Europe

The European Commission is holding a conference on 'Managing and promoting sustainable and accessible tourism destinations'.

At the event sustainability and accessibility will be presented as complementary strategies to successfully manage and promote tourism destinations.

This is a joint event combining a conference on the European Tourism Indicators System (ETIS) and a workshop on accessible tourism.

The purpose of the event is to:

  • present the results of the second ETIS pilot testing phase, including recommendations and the revised toolkit of ETIS
  • identify policy priorities for accessible tourism in destinations, in particular focusing on accommodation, transport, attractions and customer satisfaction
  • present a promotion strategy for Europe as a 'Sustainable Tourism Destination for All'.

Registration is now open.

The event takes place on 28th January at the Radisson Blu Hotel, 47 Rue Du Fossé Aux Loups, Brussels.

The event will include presentations from Carlo Corazza, Head of the Tourism, Emerging and Creative Industries Unit, DG GROW, European Commission; Cinzia De Marzo, Policy Officer, Unit “Tourism, Emerging and Creative Industries”, DG GROW, European and Antonella Correra, Policy officer, Unit “COSME Programme, SME Envoys and Relations with EASME”.

Sessions will include:

  • Sustainable and Accessible Tourism: Principles, Tools and Good Practices. Looking at the implementation of ETIS in the Danube Region plus presentation of the project “Europe without barriers” and lessons learnt.
  • Sustainable and Accessible Tourism: Development and Marketing Strategies. Examining a new approach to help destinations to identify, assess and increase their sustainable tourism offer and to monitor and bring it to the market.
  • Sustainable and Accessible Tourism - Cooperation Opportunities at European and at International Level.

Plus sessions reviewing destinations’ experiences of testing the ETIs and a look at the revised set and toolkit.

Parallel Workshop “Accessible Tourism World Café”

The “World Café” is a structured conversation, which allows linking ideas within a larger group and gathering collective knowledge and experience from the participants. Participants will be invited to form small groups and move between them following 3 rounds of questions. The overarching question will be: “How can we best fit in accessibility needs and concepts in the overall sustainability framework?”

Potential Synergies Between ETIs and Environment Specific Initiatives of DG ENV and the European Environmental Agency (EEA)

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