European Hotel Design

The European Hotel Design Conference and Awards were held recently in London. Entitled 'Thinking Outside the Box', the conference brought together many of the leading names in the industry

It included a panel session entitled: 'Green Design Comes of Age: But Who Should Pay?'. The panellists included senior representatives from real estate and engineering firms, a leading environmental consultancy and Hilton hotels.

They discussed what makes a hotel sustainable from both an operational and a structural standpoint, whether sustainably-developed hotels are commercially viable and whether they cost more.

They concluded that environmental performance will increasingly affect hotel competitiveness and that the best way for hotel developments to have a minimal impact is for environmental issues to be treated as a core consideration at the initial planning and design stages. This would also increase the hotel's competitiveness.

The challenge is to transform what are often environmentally sound but cost-prohibitive plans into viable, cost-effective and sustainable projects.

The panel session was run by Karen Fletcher, consultant, who is currently developing sustainable sitting, design and construction guidelines for the international hotel industry in a joint initiative between the Centre for Environmental leadership in Business (CELB) and ITP.

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