Jersey Hotels’ Electric Cars

In addition to exploring the island by bicycle, visitors to Jersey this summer have made use of an innovative 'green' transport programme involving car manufacturer Toyota and the States of Jersey

During the holiday season the RAV4 EV (Toyota's most advanced electric car and the first to go into limited production) could be hired for no more than the cost of hiring a medium-class vehicle.

The exercise follows similar EV (electric vehicle) programmes in both Japan and the USA. It enables the public to try out a state-of-the-art electric vehicle whilst providing Toyota's engineers with a significant amount of vehicle performance data.

Vehicles are in operation at five prestigious hotels on the island, L'Horizon, La Place, The De Vere Grand, Longueville Manor, and shared between Chateau Le Chaire and St.Brelade's Bay. Each hotel has a charging station so that guests can literally 'plug in' their vehicle at the end of the day.

Although electric vehicles in general still suffer from limited range and performance compared with conventionally powered cars, on Jersey where there is a maximum speed limit of 40 mph (65 km/h) and where the land mass is only 45 square miles (11650 hectares) the RAV4 EV is more than adequate for a full day's motoring. Its range under urban driving conditions is over 124 miles (200 kilometres).

The five-year project, supported by the Jersey government, the Jersey Electric Company and British Airways has been met with enthusiasm by holidaymakers. Jersey has a long-standing and strong environmental track record and earlier this year won an EIBTM ( award for 'marketing the environmental advantage'.

The island has legislation controlling who can live there, zones to protect land use and building, the creation of jobs, a ceiling on the number of hotel and guest house beds and even the maximum width of vehicles allowed.

They hope to double the number of electric vehicles available for hire in the not too distant future.

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