Malta’s Radisson

Over $1.2 million US Dollars has been invested at the Radisson SAS Bay Point Hotel in Malta with the objective of making it the island's most environmentally sustainable hotel

The hotel is located in St George, one kilometre from St. Julians, one of Malta's main tourist spots, some 20 minutes' drive from the capital, La Valetta.

It has been designed to pull minimal amounts of water off the national system, producing over 45,000 gallons of water a day for its own use through an on-site reverse osmosis plant.

In addition, it employs a dual drainage system whereby water from the baths and wash hand basins in the guest bedrooms is filtered and pumped up for use in toilet flushing, enabling the water to be used twice. Any excess water is then used for irrigating the hotel's extensive gardens.

Over 35% of the energy required to operate the Radisson SAS Bay Point Resort is produced by their solar energy system - now the largest on the island. Again, it enables the hotel to put significantly less pressure on the national grid.

In the main kitchen the excess steam generated from the hotel's boilers is diverted to run three of the highest electricity consuming items - including the main dishwasher. All of this equipment is controlled and monitored by a building management system (BMS).

From a desk top computer it is possible to see at a glance how efficiently everything is working and, for example, how much energy and water are being saved.

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