Singapore’s green Christmas

How Le Meridien staff in Singapore communicated a seasonal message with a difference...

Staff at Singapore's Forte Meridien Orchard Road sent a very special Christmas message last year - with a spectacular 20-foot high 'Christmas tree' created from 8,000 discarded aluminium cans. PR manager Evonne Lee worked with local environmental artist Anthony Woo to develop the idea for the huge tree, which was constructed in the atrium reception area under the supervision of the hotel's chief engineer, Philip Poh.

Training sessions were held to show everyone how to handle the cans safely, without risk of cutting themselves. Then every member of the hotel staff helped to build the tree by cutting six cans into strips. These were used to create ingenious decorative 'frills' around each tier of the tree.

The tree was a sensation when it was unveiled last Christmas. The 'lighting-up' ceremony was performed by Dr Wee Yeow Chin, President of the Nature Society, and was attended by the press and local associations. Press kits carried releases on the hotel's environmental programme, and the hotel's Christmas card included a seed which could be used to plant a real tree. The tree helped the hotel to communicate a 'green' Christmas message to a wide audience by achieving press coverage and attracting the attention of hotel guests and visitors.

Following the Christmas period the 8000 cans were sent to a local company to be crushed, the first step in the recycling process.

Further information:
Le Meridien, 100 Orchard Road, Singapore 0923.

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