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Due to the increasing number of requests from hoteliers and suppliers, we have launched a directory of green products, suppliers and initiatives targeted at hotels. Whilst we always try to mention as many helpful resources and products for hotels in our articles, this directory offers quicker access for hoteliers and gives suppliers the chance to showcase what they can offer. Please note that these are the only paid for listings on Green Hotelier and we only publish listings that are relevant to our audience. If you are interested in a listing please find out more here.

EcoKnit Snag Free Quick Drying Towels

Hartdean’s EcoKnit Technology is an innovative development, created to reduce towel processing costs, in particular, they will reduce your energy by 40% and water consumption by 15%, this has been proven and is guaranteed. EcoKnit products will not only be economical in saving money but also have true environmental credentials.

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Earthborn-Building/paint (UK)

Earthborn was founded as a small, independent brand committed to providing a true eco alternative to conventional paints. With core products awarded the soughtafter EU Ecolabel, Earthborn’s unique formulations have proved popular with consumers, professionals and style gurus alike. By carefully selecting ingredients and using technologically advanced manufacturing processes and formulations, Earthborn create a selection of outstanding products.

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Natural Chemistry-Swimming pools (US)

Natural chemistry are a company specialising in the creation of pool maintenance and hygiene products. Natural chemistry is constantly developing thoughtful, sensible solutions that focus both on the environment and the best interests of commerce and the consumer. An example of it’s eco-friendly material use is a natural clarifier made from the recycled shells of crabs and various sea […]

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Focus print group-printing (Aus)

Focus Print Group are Australia’s leading provider of printing and communications services. They are committed to making a difference to your business communications through our innovative and sustainable solutions. We are an Australian owned, award winning company and have been leaders in emerging technologies, innovation and sustainability for almost 20 years.  

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Net LED- lighting (UK)

NET LED specialises in the distribution of energy saving LED lighting solutions for commercial businesses across the UK. Over a million commercial NET LED Lighting products have replaced existing fluorescent, halogen, mercury vapour or sodium lamps used in commercial and industrial buildings.

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