Chapter 10: Wider Responsibilities

In addition to giving environmental considerations a high priority in the day-to-day operation of your hotel, there are other factors to take into account if you wish to make your operation more sustainable in the long term. These include adopting a more ‘community-based’ approach and doing business fairly and in an ethical way, without exploiting people, or threatening their livelihoods, communities, culture, wildlife and the environment.

Adopted by the United Nations in 1999, The World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) Global Code of Ethics for Tourism provided a foundation on which those involved in tourism could build a more environmentally sustainable, economically and socially responsible tourism industry. The Code drew on past industry codes and international declarations (such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) with the aim of helping to minimise negative impacts of tourism on the environment and on cultural heritage, whilst maximising the benefits for residents of tourism destinations.

The following pages outline ways in which you can bring a more ethical dimension to the operation of your business. The best way to start is to develop a policy which expresses your commitment to doing business in an honest, open and fair way and your concern for environmental, socio-economic, human rights, cultural and wildlife conservation issues.

You can read the chapter online or download it here.


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