Cornell offers new Hotel Properties Management & Sustainability Certificate

The hospitality industry has become increasingly aware that environmentally responsible management and sustainable operating practices have a direct and positive impact on a property’s bottom line

With energy representing the single fastest-growing operating cost in the hospitality industry—about 3%-6% of total facility costs—hotel operators can no longer ignore the need to implement strategic energy-efficient management systems.

The Cornell School of Hotel Administration is addressing these needs with a new Certification in Hotel Properties Management and Sustainability. This certificate focuses on sustainability in hospitality management by interweaving the key topics such as financial management and facilities operations to create a comprehensive knowledge base for the hotel manager.

The four courses are: “Hospitality facilities and sustainable hotel management”; “Creating shared value in hotels:Beyond sustainability and corporate responsibility”; “Project management for the hospitality industry” and the choice of either “Operations analysis for the hospitality industry” or “Thinking like a financial manager”.

The qualification is available through the Office of Executive Education’s Professional Development Program (PDP), which will be held 25 June – 7 July on campus.

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