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2013 World Savers Awards Applications

Addressing the water crisis [1]

One day left to enter the 2013 World Savers Awards.

All travel companies, from tour operators to hotel chains, city hotels, lodges/resorts, cruise lines and airlines, are eligible and there is a new award category this year, Sustainable Destinations. Applications are due on Friday February 15, 2013. Click the links below to download your application:

Need some inspiration? Last year's winners and runners-up planted 366,100 trees in 2011 alone, from Australia to Thailand and South Africa, have helped educate 96,298 students in Kenya, India, and the United States and provided health care to 116,900 people in the Maldives, Mozambique, and Nigeria. In the past two years, they have helped bring safe drinking water to almost 580,000 people in Ethiopia and 50 other countries. A panel of independent judges chose the honorees—visionary companies that are making a difference in six areas of social responsibility.

For more information go to www.cntraveler.com/world-savers/2012 [9]