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A debate on the hotel industry and carbon

Carbon and the hotel industry [1]

The hotel industry and carbon: Is collaboration or competition the key to success? International Tourism Partnership leads a cross-industry panel in a discussion at HIFI Berlin next week

On the 6th March 2013, Stephen Farrant, Director of the International Tourism Partnership [2] (ITP) will lead a session at the Hotel Investment Forum in Berlin. ITP will be joined by industry leaders to discuss how the industry is working together to address carbon and sustainability, and where the future opportunities lie. As one of the only sessions on sustainability at IHIF Berlin this year, it promises to be a highly engaging and lively debate.

Speaking about the session, Stephen comments:

“As a number of recent reports have shown, the global news on carbon only seems to be getting worse as time goes by – and yet the active role of the private sector is our best opportunity for achieving the sort of step change we all want to see. The hotel industry has been doing some impressive work behind the scenes, both at an individual company level and collectively. This event is a unique opportunity to debate what has been achieved so far and to explore the customer demand, the innovative design and the investment that will be required to drive further improvements.”

Stephen Farrant will be leading the discussion but accompanied by high profile industry leaders from both the hotel and environmental sector including:

The session will kick off with a discussion around the pros and cons of a collaborative approach towards carbon and sustainability, and how the industry can build on the existing collaborative project, the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative [3] (HCMI [3]). More than 20 hotel companies within the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and International Tourism Partnership [4] (ITP) memberships came together last year to launch the HCMI, as the first industry-wide solution to carbon reporting on a hotel stay, meeting or event, for the benefit of the customer.

Beyond this focus, the following questions will be addressed:

How important is the carbon agenda to companies now and in the future? What is driving this?
To what extent is the customer (and especially the corporate customer) focused on environmental credentials? How will this evolve in the future?
How do you balance competitor versus collaborative approaches in this area? What are the opportunities for the industry to work together?
How does the owner / operator dynamic play into this?
What is the role of finance and design when looking at carbon reduction and environmental efficiency?
What are other sectors doing?

As part of the conversation there will be the opportunity for audience to ask their own questions on the topic.

For more information about how to attend the event, please go to www.berlinconference.com/index.php/programme/day-three/ [5]