Best Western Hotels in Finland, Poland and The Baltic States slash carbon footprints with Ecompter

Best Western use Ecompter to reduce carbon footprint

Best Western use Ecompter to reduce carbon footprint

Best Western Hotels in Finland, Poland and The Baltic states have slashed their carbon footprints in the last year.

Thirty six Best Westerns have been calculating their carbon footprints and working on their sustainable initiatives with the aid of Ecompter which has helped them communicate the results to guests, staff, investors and peers.

As a result of using Ecompter for the last 12 months, Best Western hotels in the region have decreased their carbon footprint, with the best performer saving a massive 29%.  The decrease in carbon footprint translates into a cost saving of tens of thousands of Euros across the group. Ecompter’s footprint and sustainability services also provide Best Western with a tool to demonstrate their hotels’ CO2 levels and provide the kind of sustainability information that large corporates are increasingly looking for when negotiating company bookings.

Saija Kekkonen, Managing Director Best Western Finland, Poland and Baltic countries said, "Ecompter's reporting tool draws data from all the hotels in the area and enables us to produce detailed sustainability reports, which we use to internally monitor progress. This is the first time that we've gathered this data and examined it at a group level. It allows managers to see how our sustainability initiative is developing and pinpoint areas that could be worked on for further savings. It is also very easy to link the calculator for our guests to use online, to our websites and social media profiles - allowing guests to see our environmental credentials and get involved with them during their stay.”

The Best Western hotel group is made up of independently owned and operated hotels. The company has a history of encouraging the hotels within its group to “go green” in a way that works best for their own individual marketing, customers and local communities. This includes offering environmentally friendly guest room design templates alongside eco-focused training for hotel owners – with the ultimate aim of making green issues more understandable for hotel management and guests.

As part of this worldwide drive,  Best Western's regional board for Finland, Poland and Baltic countries selected Ecompter's carbon footprint calculator to measure the effectiveness of their current sustainability initiatives and chart their successes as the programme develops. Ecompter's solution has also enabled the hotels in the area to communicate their sustainability commitment to their guests and provide them with subtle suggestions before their visit, of ways they could consider saving energy during their stay, supporting each hotel's own environmental policies. This includes reminders to turn off lights, offering reduced laundry of towels and promoting the sustainability of showers over baths.

Ecompter's solution has also been invaluable in providing the level of open and honest detail required by the most socially responsible companies, when evaluating potential hotel partners for corporate bookings.

Saija Kekkonen concludes: “Ecompter’s team have been very helpful, professional and responsive at each stage of the project.  They understand the hotel business and the way in which it can be run in a more environmentally sustainable way.”

Reducing carbon emissions from the hospitality industry is a key aim of the International Tourism Partnership's Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) which provides a common methodology for measuring carbon emissions.

The aim of the methodology is to provide transparency and clear communications for the growing body of corporate clients who require such information as part of the annual RFP process.


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