Book Different lists green certified hotels

Book Different and Green Globe

Green Globe Certification announces collaboration with Book Different, the first hotel booking website indicating which of the hotels featured on their site are eco-labeled. Book Different presents more than 245,000 hotels worldwide, and as of today millions of travelers, readers and consumers will be able to quickly track down accommodation with Green Globe certified sustainability performances. All Green Globe certified hotels accessible via Book Different are actively protecting the environment, creating safe and healthy work conditions, and giving back to the local community. is a non-profit foundation that provides financial support to many charities worldwide. For each hotel reservation made through the website, the charity donates half of their revenue to a charity selected by the customer - an excellent way of doing business in a socially responsible way. Corporate clients can choose a charity that suits their business. The list of charitable organizations participating in the program includes Greenpeace, UNICEF, War Child, Amnesty International, and many more.

“We believe there is a strong green awareness among leisure and business travellers alike, and this will continue to grow” said Bastiaan Fronik, Chairman at Book Different. “Listing eco-labels and indicating sustainability standards, supports our goal ‘to make the world a better place’. At Book Different you can book a hotel at the lowest price guaranteed, and at the same time you support a charity of your choice.”

Finding sustainable hotels on the Book Different website is easy. The Green Globe Certification label is a search criterion, just like the hotel facilities, hotel category, location and other.

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, said, “As the leader in certification of sustainable travel and tourism businesses, we are excited about our collaboration with Book Different and this will support promoting our green philosophy worldwide. All Green Globe members are rigorously certified under 41 criteria, which have been accepted globally as the definition of sustainable travel and tourism. To complete the certification process, these members undergo and independent on-site audit to ensure their sustainability efforts have been thoroughly inspected.”

In addition to Green Key and Green Globe Certification certified properties, Bastiaan Fronik, BookDifferent's chairman, has also said that more than 2,000 accommodations that are part of the Green Tourism Business Scheme in the United Kingdom will soon be added to

For more information go to Book Different and Green Globe

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