British Hospitality and Tourism Summit

British Hospitality & Tourism Summit

British Hospitality & Tourism Summit

Industry leaders from hospitality and tourism across the influential fields of government, media, hoteliers and business recently met in an inspiring and future focused advisory board event.

The issues proposed and debated, mixed in with a little creative thinking helped to shape the four key elements for this year’s British Hospitality & Tourism Summit agenda: 1, International and Economic; 2, Technology / Innovation; 3, Green Agenda (Future Proofing); 4, People Talent Pipeline.

This year the British Hospitality & Tourism Summit will also feature breakout and round table discussions to encompass all the elements of our industry. Preliminary sessions include: Energy / Water; Online Portals; Technology; Training; Financial / Investment; Food Service; Social Media

The British Hospitality & Tourism Summit is a pivotal point in the industry calendar and a time for leaders to discuss and debate the issues which are, and will, affect our industry now and in the future.  The Summit brings together key professionals who will support shaping our industry and ensure its evolution, ultimately revolutionising the hospitality and tourism experience beyond recognition and into a new and exciting future.


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