Cambridge City Hotel boosts environmental credentials

Cambridge City Outside 3

Cambridge City Hotel has introduced eco-friendly work wear for all of its chefs.

The hotel, which is located in the heart of Cambridge, has teamed up with supplier London Workwear to use sustainable chef’s jackets made from recycled bottles and waste polyester fibre.

It takes 25 two litre water bottles to make one jacket, saving 2.5kg CO2 per jacket compared to the disposal of the same amount of bottles by incineration.

Ernesto Santarelli, Acting General Manager at Cambridge City Hotel, said: “We have been using these jackets at our sister hotel Strand Palace in London and have found them to be just as durable, cool and comfortable as conventional whites, but with a considerably lower environmental impact.

The ways these items of clothing are produced means an 80% reduction in energy and a significant overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Head Chef at Strand Palace and Cambridge City Hotel, Krishna Shankar, added: “The benefits of using these chef’s jackets are clear, which is why we introduced them into Cambridge City Hotel in March. The jackets are made from plastic bottles, but the fibre structure is similar to cotton so they are actually quite comfortable to wear, do not stain heavily and are durable. On top of all of this, they are much more cost effective.”

For more information on environmental credentials in the kitchen go to Green Hotelier's guide to Sustainability in Hotel Kitchens

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