Diamond Resorts International goes green for special events

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Diamond Resorts International is upping its game when it comes to sustainability, starting with a few recent awareness raising events

Through hands-on vegetable gardens, and Earth Day and Ocean Day activities, Diamond has designed a program that promotes eco-awareness with an emphasis on family fun. According to Stephen J. Cloobeck, Founder and Chairman, Diamond Resorts International,

As a leader in the hospitality industry with a substantial global footprint, it’s important that we actively take steps toward sustainable growth. Through the offering of earth-friendly activities and the production of on-site sustainable gardens, Diamond promotes eco-awareness and encourages properties worldwide to engage in green initiatives.

Sustainable gardens

Diamond’s European resorts now cultivate local fruit, vegetable and herb gardens on site. The use of these gardens enhances the natural environment and benefits the ecosystem and local economy while promoting the growth of native plants. No chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used during production and the installation of trickle irrigation systems decreases water waste and eliminates runoff.

The resorts have each designed their gardens to supply fresh produce native to the area while remaining specific to the resort’s restaurant offerings. In addition to cooking benefits for the restaurants, the gardens have also proven useful as an educational tool for guests and children as they are allowed to tour the gardens, pick fresh ingredients and participate in cooking demos. These gardens offer owners, members and guests an opportunity to assist in the care-taking and harvesting of a variety of vegetables and herbs.

In addition to the sustainable gardens, Diamond has capitalized on eco-awareness holidays including Earth Day and Ocean Day.

Earth Day

To signify Earth Day, Diamond resorts around the world first planted trees specific to their region - covering everything from orange, lime, lemon, peach and mango fruit trees to Ficus, Bay Laurel, Weeping Willow and Crape Myrtle trees.

On a  more practical front, resorts around the world took part in a day of activities that focused on guest education and involvement. From Sahara Sunset in Malaga, Spain to Ka’anapali Beach Club in Maui, Hawaii, Diamond resorts featured Earth Day activities including planting shrubs, making recycled paper and lavender oil, beach clean-up, recycling awareness workshops, scavenger hunts and Earth Day movie showings.

Oceans Day

In early June Diamond resorts took a similar approach on Ocean's Day. 32 European resorts took part and led over 500 particpants, both staff and guests, in awareness raising events. Activities included workshops to educate children about marine wildlife, mock dolphin and turtle saving exercises and demonstrations, lectures from marine biologists, marine preservation 'idea' boards and family activities such as beach cleaning days.

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