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Ecompter offers UK hotels the opportunity to calculate and communicate carbon saving initiatives with free service for six month

During Climate Week Ecompter, the recently announced sustainability service for hotels, will demonstrate its support by giving away its CO2 calculation and communications service to ten UK hotels for six months.

The PWC assured service enables hotels and accommodation businesses to better understand, monitor, reduce and importantly communicate their carbon footprint and sustainability. Ecompter's CO2 calculator widget will be added to the website of ten UK hotels for six months for free. The tool will offer hotel guests the possibility of calculating the carbon footprint of their stay and to learn about the environmental initiatives of the hotel.

In addition to the calculator widget, the hotels can pull off reports stating the eco efficiency of their location - and ultimately can communicate their success with guests, and motivate their staff to become even more eco efficient.

Ecompter's service is popular in its home country of Finland with over 100 hotel clients including Best Western Finland and Kamp Group. "Ecompter Online supports our policy of being open and transparent in our communication, regarding the environmental issues." commented S. Kekkonen, managing director of Best Western Hotels, Finland, Poland and Baltic countries.

Ecompter has already taken some steps in the right direction to become more of a global scheme. Its calculation methodology is now compatible with the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI), the hospitality industry's first common approach to measuring the carbon impact of a stay or event. Designed by the International Tourism Partnership, World Tourism Travel Council and 20 of their member hotel companies, the methodology is designed to be applied by any hotel around the world – big or small; casino hotel or bed and breakfast. For more information see Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative.

Late in March Ecompter will also announce its selection as a supplier by Considerate Hoteliers, an association that unites hotels through a mutual agreement that environment and social responsibility form a major part of the day to day running of a responsible hotel.

Ecompter is hoping that UK hotels see that it’s not just about actioning eco initiatives, but that demonstrating and sharing those initiatives via interactive communication methods could aid decision making when researching accommodation. More and more people select ‘green’ hotels or hotels that demonstrate a caring nature – if you care for the environment, people expect you’ll care for your guests.

NB: This offer has now been extended until the end of March

For more information see
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T&C's of offer:

  • Hotels must register interest during climate week
  • Ecompter will set up the live service within 14 days from receiving the required data from the hotel
  • The six months starts from the day of going live
  • The value of the free six month service can be defined as 500 €
  • If the hotel does not deliver the data within 1 month from subscription, then their free service expires
  • Those not in the ten can also receive a 35% discount

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