Going Green guide now available in 8 languages

Lagoon area at Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort

The International Tourism Partnership’s (ITP) comprehensive guide detailing the basic steps towards “greening” hotel operations is now available in Arabic, Portuguese and Vietnamese.

While the term ‘green’ in business originally related to environmental issues, it has evolved to embrace all aspects of sustainability and corporate responsibility. To be properly ‘green’, a company now needs to incorporate sustainable thinking in its decision-making at all levels throughout the organisation. Today, even the most basic level of acceptable business practice requires a more sophisticated approach. Companies are judged on their accountability, transparency, business ethics, socioeconomic awareness and resource-efficiency as well as their financial results.

With the tourism industry representing one in every 12 jobs worldwide and 9% of global GDP, hotels are now more than ever at the forefront of making a significant, and increasingly visible, impact in their operating markets.

Going Green is a comprehensive guide for hotels of all shapes and sizes across the world – whether the property is a lodge in the Amazon, a boutique hotel in Paris or a luxury resort in Dubai. It is structured in six parts, covering the essential steps to a more sustainable operational model across all the main functions of a hotel property:

  • Policy & Framework
  • Staff training and awareness
  • Environmental Management
  • Purchasing
  • People & Communities
  • Destination Protection

The strategies and approaches presented in this comprehensive, tangible brochure will help to minimise a hotel’s negative impacts on its surroundings while increasing its positive contributions to biodiversity conservation, cultural heritage preservation and community development.

Going Green has been written with those in mind who are about to commence or who are at the initial stage of taking their hotel onto the sustainability journey. Each section is broken down into manageable and measurable steps. The document puts a strong emphasis on motivating and engaging staff on the ground to come on board since they will be the true implementers and champions of new green initiatives.

The resource is now available in three additional languages, Arabic, Portuguese and Vietnamese, in addition to the already existing versions in English, Mandarin, French, Japanese and Spanish. Going Green is meant to be a tool to fit all levels of seniority of staff, and should ideally be distributed amongst a property’s workforce in order to increase both awareness and engagement.

You can download the document for free from the following links:

Going Green: Green tips for hotels in English  Download PDF

Going Green: Green tips for hotels in Japanese   Download PDF

Going Green: Green tips for hotels in French   Download PDF

Going Green: Green tips for hotels in Mandarin   Download PDF

Going Green: Green tips for hotels in Spanish  Download PDF

Going Green: Green tips for hotels in Vietnamese   Download PDF

Going Green: Green tips for hotels in Portuguese   Download PDF

Going Green: Green tips for hotels in Arabic   Download PDF

For more information please see International Tourism Partnership's Going Green

Written by Emili Budell, Programme Coordinator International Tourism Partnership and Youth Career Initiative

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