Green tourism organisations in the UK join forces

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Three of the leading green tourism organizations in the UK have joined forces to promote sustainable tourism and hospitality businesses.

The Green Tourism Business Scheme, Greentraveller and the Considerate Hoteliers Association have joined together to offer benefits to their respective members, including free joining fees and discounts on listings and subscription fees.

The combination of all three organizations will represent a 'tour de force' for responsible businesses, who will be able to tap into the strengths of each organization: Greentraveller for marketing, Considerate Hoteliers for networking, and the Green Tourism Business Scheme for certification/accreditation.

Membership of all three organizations is open to a wide range of tourism and hospitality businesses, including B&Bs, guest houses, inns, hotels, restaurants with rooms, self catering accommodation, and visitor attractions. Details of membership benefits are given on this leaflet: Membership benefits

Richard Hammond, Chief Executive of, says: “There’s no doubt that going green is now mainstream. There are several thousand tourism businesses in the UK that have made concerted, genuine efforts to reduce their impact on the environment, contribute to biodiversity and landscape, and benefit the livelihoods of local communities.

“By joining forces with GTBS and CHA, we are providing an exceptionally attractive portfolio for tourism business that want to get the message out that they have something really special to offer guests. We’ll be concentrating on providing a route to market for these businesses by marketing them to our fast-growing audience of holidaymakers who are looking for these kinds of genuinely green experiences in fantastic locations throughout the UK.”

John Firrell, Director of the Considerate Hoteliers Association, says: “It was a blinding glimpse of the delightfully obvious. Here are three organizations that are constantly singing from the same hymn sheet, frequently coming into contact with each other, working together on a number of initiatives, and a membership that often includes the same hospitality businesses.

“Here is a chance to properly work together for the common good whilst still retaining our independence, and offer our individual members preferential benefits from joining one or both of the other two. We have already had a long and fruitful relationship. May that continue and be ever more fruitful.”

Andrea Nicholas, Manager of Green Tourism Business Scheme, says: “We are constantly looking for additional benefits for the GTBS members and we recognize CHA and Greentraveller as providing excellent complementary services. They have the same genuine commitment and aims to help hospitality businesses embrace sustainability, promote good practice and provide a credible choice for customers. We have worked closely with both organisations over the past few years, we are really pleased that we have joined forces on this initiative and look forward to future developments.”

For more information on each organisation see Considerate Hoteliers, Greentraveller and Green Tourism Business Scheme

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