Hilton Worldwide one of first multi-nationals to certify entire Energy Management System


DEKRA Certification announced this week that it has certified Hilton Worldwide's Energy Management System to the ISO 50001 standard.

This newest ISO 50001 certification complements Hilton Worldwide’s other global system-wide ISO certifications – ISO 9001 Quality Management and 14001 Environmental Management.  With these three ISO certifications, Hilton Worldwide is one of the first multi-national organizations to certify its entire system globally – more than 4,200 properties in 93 countries – achieving one of the largest ever volume certifications of commercial buildings.

Hilton Worldwide achieved the ISO 50001 certification following a comprehensive upgrade to its LightStay global environmental management system.  “ISO 50001 provides a clear framework for identifying opportunities for energy improvements and efficiency projects,” said Maxime Verstraete, vice president of sustainability, Hilton Worldwide.  “We are thrilled about this exciting milestone and will look to build upon it as we set our next set of goals.  We could not have achieved this without our partnership with DEKRA.”

In addition to meeting ISO 50001 requirements, the upgrades to LightStay allow Hilton Worldwide hotels to forecast future energy consumption levels, monitor and report variations from expected levels, and set efficiency goals for individual properties with real-time tracking of progress against goals.  These efforts will also enable the company to reduce its property energy use and carbon emissions even further.

“Hilton Worldwide is a shining example of how companies can use ISO to manage their operations in the most efficient, effective, and sustainable way possible,” said Dr. Cem O. Onus, Managing Director of Systems for DEKRA Certification, Inc.  “Improving energy performance through ISO 50001 not only reduces greenhouse gases, but reduces costs.  Hilton Worldwide is leading the industry in showing that this isn’t just an environmentally friendly thing to do, it is good for the bottom line.”

ISO provides internationally recognized frameworks and standards for organizations in the areas of products, services, and systems.  ISO 50001 is the energy management standard that helps businesses reduce energy related operational costs, increase energy efficiency, demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, support energy conservation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve use of energy assets, and refine energy procurement practices.

Companies gain certification by implementing policies, procedures, and systems that meet ISO standards, which are assessed by a third-party certification body.  As part of the Hilton Worldwide certification process, DEKRA Certification performed a series of audits around the globe and will continue ongoing assessments to monitor compliance.

For more information visit www.dekra-certification.us and Hilton's Travel with Purpose CSR report.

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