Inspira Santa Marta Hotel named Green Hotel of the Year

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel wins Green Hotel of the Year 2014

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel wins Green Hotel of the Year 2014

The European Hospitality Awards were held in London last Friday 7th of November, and former Green Hotelier best practice case study Inspira Santa Marta Hotel was named the Green Hotel of the Year.

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel in Lisbon picked up the award for a wide range of efforts intended to do more than improve hotel performance, but to become - and incentivise others to become - more environmentally responsible.

The hotel's core concept is sustainability without compromising the comfort of guests.

Inspira implemented measures to minimise its ecological footprint, reducing consumption in all operations areas, using 100% green energy, thermal accumulators, recycling systems and paperless procedures, amongst other initiatives.

The hotel’s ambitions aim to respect the environment whilst meeting the demands of its environmentally conscious guests, and the award is recognition for all the programmes in which Inspira has invested over the past four years, and is another step to become a leading example of sustainability.

Nicolas Roucos, general manager said, “This accolade is a fantastic reward for the work and initiatives that the team at Inspira has produced since it opened in 2010. We hope to be able to continue to serve as a reference in sustainable hotel management, and to promote our know-how and good practices to other hotels in the future, and inspire our stakeholders to do the same.”

A spokesperson for the European Hospitality Awards said, “In a fiercely competitive industry, landing one of these prestigious awards not only distinguishes an individual hotel as one of the very best the industry has to offer, but demonstrates a distinct recognition amongst peers and industry personnel alike.

“The 2014 shortlist included some of the world’s most iconic hotels and hoteliers and truly highlighted the tough proposition our judges faced when selecting this year’s winners.”

The EHA awards for hoteliers are voted for and celebrated by their peers. The Green Hotel of the year award 2014 was sponsored by SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

In our Green Hotelier best practice case study last year we reported how the hotel offers its guests a unique experience by relying on Feng Shui principles and combining the latest technologies and construction techniques with natural materials such as wood and natural cork.

Inspira management invested in sustainable strategies and innovative technology, services and operations from the outset to ensure that employees and customers have reduced impact on the environment.

A group of employees, the Green Squad, monitor the progress of green measures suggested and implemented in each department on a monthly basis. They ensure continuous development and keep sustainability values alive among the team. Inspira promotes learning and environmental education to its employees and encourages them to engage in social responsibility and environmental initiatives, which are published and promoted on Inspira social networks so that stakeholders are encouraged by their experiences to participate actively too.

The hotel operates green initiatives in the community, in training and education, in energy and carbon, as well as in its events, food, waste and water programmes.

With a vision to inspire and encourage a sustainable attitude among all, Inspira Santa Marta Hotel will continue to make a difference with ongoing investment in sustainable strategies.

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