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International Tourism Partnership issues guidelines for scrutiny of recruitment agencies

Why should hotels check recruitment agencies? [1]

Why should hotels check recruitment agencies?

The International Tourism Partnership has issued guidelines for the scrutiny of recruitment agencies.

Human trafficking remains a very real issue throughout the world, and no matter where they’re located or how big their profile, hotels are at high risk of involvement, however unwittingly.

The International Tourism Partnership [2] (ITP) represents many leading international hotel companies that collectively recognise the importance of environmental, social and economic stability for long-term business interests.

As part of their many programmes and interests ITP established a working group on human trafficking to develop a corporate policy and strategy for the industry, and in July 2013 published a Know How Guide on Addressing Human Trafficking [3].

The guide is designed to help hoteliers understand the issue and the steps they can take to reduce risks in their business operations. ITP also developed an important set of Guidelines for Checking Recruitment Agencies, which encourage members to conduct due diligence when engaging private employment agencies to recruit workers. These guidelines were developed with support from Verité [4], the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and the Institute for Human Rights and Business. They include a “Good Recruitment Charter” for employers and agencies to ensure compliance with best practice.

Now ITP and Verité [5]have partnered to make the guidelines available for everyone in the tourism industry to access as a free resource in a bid to drive down human trafficking and raise awareness of the issue.

The action builds on ITP’s existing stance for human rights which includes their Know How Guide and the SEE Formula / Staff Wanted initiative from the Institute for Human Rights and Business [6].

ITP’s Head of Programmes Fran Hughes [7]says, “We are delighted that the ITP resources are now also listed on Verité’s Resources for Responsible Recruitment [8] website. This website was created to help businesses easily access information and tools to help build the resilience of their business. Verité are a leading organisation in the field of labour standards and as such are highly respected. We’re pleased to be able to join with them in their fight against human trafficking.”

To access ITP’s Guidelines for Checking Recruitment Agencies please visit the ITP website here [9].

To read more about Verite’s Resources for Responsible Recruitment, click here [10].

To read our Know How Guide to Addressing Human Trafficking, click here [3].