London Heathrow Marriott awarded TripAdvisor Platinum Green Leader

London Heathrow Marriott team awarded Greenest Hotel

London Heathrow Marriott named "Greenest Marriott Hotel" in the South

The London Heathrow Marriott hotel has been awarded platinum level in the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders accreditation.

Platinum is the highest level of TripAdvisor GreenLeader awards, and so far very few European properties have been recognised at this level. Receiving the news, Sales and Marketing Communications Manager Soma Saha said, “We are thrilled to have been recognised on the GreenLeaders programme for all our sustainability efforts.”

The GreenLeaders programme has five tiers. All participating hotels and B&Bs must meet a minimum set of requirements to be included in the programme. They include:

  • Having linen and towel re-use plans
  • Tracking energy usage on a regular basis
  • Recycling
  • Using energy efficient light-bulbs
  • Educating staff and guests on green practices

To qualify as a GreenLeader, businesses must also achieve a minimum score on the application survey. GreenLeader properties are eligible for one of the four badge levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Badge levels are determined by a property's overall level of participation in environmentally friendly activities. London Heathrow Marriott has been recognised for the following initiatives:

  • GreenLeader Platinum: meets minimum requirements at 60% score or higher
    • Tracks energy use: Regularly measures and records energy use (at least 4 times a year)
    • Towel reuse programme: Programme includes housekeeper training and regular checks
    • Linen reuse programme: Programme includes housekeeper training and regular checks
    • Recycles waste: Recycles at least two types of waste, such as paper, glass, plastic and cardboard.
    • Recycling bins in common areas
    • Staff training on green practices: Staff trained at least once a year on implementing the hotel's green practices
    • Education for guests on green practices: Guests can learn about the property's green practices before or during their stay
    • At least 75% of interior light bulbs are energy-efficient: Energy efficient light bulbs include compact fluorescent (CFL), LED, and T5/T8 fluorescent bulbs
  • Energy
    • Efficient laundry dryers: Energy efficient laundry dryers are used
    • Air conditioning temperature set to save energy: Indoor temperature set at a minimum of 22 C during the summer
    • Heating temperature set to save energy: Indoor temperature set at a maximum of 22 C during the winter
    • Air conditioning temperature set to save energy: Indoor temperature set at a minimum of 22 C during the summer
    • Heating temperature set to save energy: Indoor temperature set at a maximum of 22 C during the winter
    • Preventative maintenance plan: Regular checks to ensure energy and water equipment is working efficiently
    • Completed energy assessment of building: Evaluation to identify ways for property to save energy
    • On-site solar panels: Generates renewable clean energy for the property
    • On-site wind turbine: Generates renewable clean energy for the property
    • Combined heat and power system: Simultaneously generates electricity and heat for the building which improves efficiency
  • Water
    • Water-efficient faucets in guest bathrooms: Over 90% of guest room faucets use 6 litres per minute or less
    • Water-efficient toilets in public restrooms: Over 90% of staff and public faucets use 6 litres per minute or less
    • Water use optimized in A/C system: The cooling tower for the building has been optimized to perform at a high level of efficiency
  • Purchasing
    • Over 50% of beverages are certified (organic, fair trade etc.): Including alcohol, coffee and tea
    • Toiletries with over 50% recycled packaging: At least 90% of toiletries have recycled packaging
    • "Green" certified cleaning products: Over 50% of cleaning products are certified
    • "Green" dry-cleaning: Alternatives used to traditional perchloroethylene (perc)
  • Waste
    • Completed waste assessment of building: Property has evaluated the amount and type of waste it creates, in order to plan how to reduce it.
    • Recycles used cooking oil: At least 90% of used cooking oil is recycled or used for biodiesel
    • Safe disposal of hazardous materials: Such as paint, printer cartridges, batteries and fluorescent light bulbs
    • Reusable dinnerware and cutlery: At least 90% of crockery and cutlery is reusable
  • Education & Innovation
    • Green Tourism Business Scheme Certified
    • Tracks carbon emissions: Carbon emissions of the building are measured and documented.
    • Low VOC paints: Low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints, primers, adhesives, and sealants are used
    • Electric car charging station: Electric vehicle charging station available for guest use within 2 kilometres of the property
    • Education for guests on local environment: Education about local environmental issues such as local habitats and conservation efforts

As members of the International Tourism Partnership, Marriott are part of the group of global hotel companies collaborating to collectively reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. They are part of the working group that with ITP and the WTTC produced the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI), the globally recognised tool that helps hotels measure, record and reduce their carbon footprint per stay or meeting.

The London Heathrow Marriott takes its sustainability responsibilities very seriously and once again played host to the annual Green Champions Meeting for the Marriott UKI South Region in September. Representatives from 18 Marriott hotels attended the event which for the first time awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze accreditations for the greenest Marriott hotels in the region.

The agenda included key speakers, case studies and best practice examples. Many signature projects were discussed and the meeting was brimming with ideas and examples of successful developments at each hotel.

Four guest speakers were also in attendance including Edwin Duijvekam – Director of Energy & Engineering Marriott Europe, who gave an update on Marriott’s energy saving initiatives; Kiwi Power, a commercial partner of National Grid, presented on effective ways of reducing energy consumption. Hatco spoke about their energy smart grill and innovative equipment that improve efficiency and reliability in the food industry, and Eco-Eye presented their smart metering equipment designed to monitor real time electricity use and help reduce energy consumption while saving money.

The interactive meeting also gave the hotels a chance to present their nominations for the ‘Greenest Hotel UKI South Region’. The awards ceremony was held during the afternoon break on Heathrow Marriott’s rooftop garden where a windmill and greenhouse have been built.

Out of the six shortlisted entries the London Heathrow Marriott came first to win Gold; County Hall Marriott won Silver and Portsmouth Marriott was awarded Bronze.

Ron Vos, General Manager of the London Heathrow Marriott said, “Environmental issues and green initiatives are very important to all Marriott hotels, so I am delighted that the Gold award for ‘Greenest Hotel UKI South’ was given to us. I am especially proud since all the entries were of such high standards with great best practice examples from all the hotels. I look forward to the meetings and awards going from strength to strength”

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