Marriott Gathers the Green Champions

Marriott Green Champions

Green Champions Gather at Heathrow Marriott

Eager representatives of several London Marriott hotels gathered at the London Heathrow Marriott for their annual Green Champions meeting on 26th July.

The group shared examples of best practice and discussed their signature projects.

Marking the many examples of sustainability within their hotels, the group hailed the meeting a success since all attendees came with plenty of ideas, case studies and developments they’d made.

Six key guest speakers were also invited including Meiko, who presented their energy saving dishwasher; Vito, who did a demonstration of their oil filter system for fat fryers; Aqua Logic on water saving ideas; Dyson, sharing their innovative hand drying systems and Gemma Lighting who presented on their effective car park lighting.

The Heathrow Sustainability Partnership also presented, giving an overview of the airport’s efforts to improve the environment as well as their engagement with local businesses on the issue.

Director of Engineering and Green Champion of the London Heathrow Marriott Jim Shields, said: “Sustainability and energy savings is a subject close to the heart of Marriott and these meetings are good way of sharing practical ways to save costs and the environment. We want to make a difference”

In the afternoon the team visited the Heathrow Marriott’s roof top garden to visit the greenhouse and windmill, and to enjoy a delicious ‘green’ break.


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