NH Hotels commit to labour rights and good green practice

NH Hotels has launched its new Code of Practice

NH Hotels has launched its new Code of Practice

NH Hotels has launched its new Code of Conduct which sets down the group’s commitment to responsible, sustainable and good environmental behaviour.

Reinforcing its commitment to transparency and best practice, NH Hotel Group has updated its Code of Conduct with a view to increasing the scope of application of the principles and values that guide the Group's behaviour, while adapting the Code for recent legislative developments.

Included in the new Code of Conduct is a commitment to labour rights and human trafficking which encompasses the supply chain. It states:

NH will respect and encourage human rights. The NH Group recognizes that human rights are fundamental and universal rights that must be interpreted and recognized in accordance with international practices and laws, specifically the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of theUnited Nations and the principles proclaimed by the International Labor Organization.

The NH Group recognizes that the principle of equal treatment and opportunities for the Recipients is an inspiring principle of the Human Resources policies and shall be applied when hiring Employees and in training, career opportunities, wage levels, as well as in other aspects of the labor relation of Employees.

In no way shall safety or working conditions be imposed on the employees that affect, suppress or restrict their rights recognized by legal provisions, collective agreements or individual contracts. No form of illegal labour trafficking or fraudulent immigration shall be allowed, and legislation on foreigners and their entrance and transit shall always be respected. The exercise of rights to demonstration, association, unionization and collective bargaining in the framework of regulatory standards for each and every one of these fundamental rights shall not be inappropriately limited.

As a member of the International Tourism Partnership, NH Hotels is part of the working group that seeks to address labour rights for employees throughout the hospitality industry, as well as targeting the risk to hotels of human trafficking. NH played a part in ITP’s unique stakeholder engagement event on labour rights, and helped with the development of the ITP Know How Guides on Human Trafficking in the Hospitality Industry and Human Rights and the Hotel Industry.

By updating its Code of Conduct, NH Hotel Group is reinforcing its ethics pledge, expressed through the values of integrity, honesty, transparency, respect, trust and professionalism, in order to ensure that the Company does business to the highest standards of corporate governance.

Group CEO Federico J. González Tejera

Group CEO Federico J. González Tejera


Federico J. González Tejera, NH Hotel Group's CEO, said, “Our principles and values also apply to our customers, suppliers, shareholders and the communities in which we do business; all of the people bound by the Code thereby contribute to our goal of being the model for corporate responsibility in the tourism sector”.

NH Hotel Group's Code of Conduct applies to all employees, executives, interns and members of the governing bodies of all of the companies that comprise the Group, as well as to its customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholder groups.

The guidelines laid down in the Code of Conduct are underpinned by applicable legislation and are based on the United Nations Global Compact and its 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and on the Global Code of Ethics in Tourism adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)  This set of principles is designed to guide key-players in tourism development in helping to maximise the sector’s benefits while minimising its potentially negative impact on the environment, cultural heritage and societies.

The Company's updated Code of Conduct adds business dealings to the Employees section, specifically mentions the public sector in the section dealing with corruption, expressly bans unethical practices on the part of Code recipients, includes a new dedicated section on compliance with tax, social security and public funds requirements and introduces the need to verify the origin of cash collected in keeping with anti-money laundering legislation.

With the Code NH Hotel Group has reinforced its commitment to ethical conduct in all its areas of influence, thereby furthering its goal of delivering responsible growth hand in hand with all of its stakeholders.

Recognising that essential to good labour rights is an employee’s right to union representation and personal development the new Code states:

The NH Group shall promote personal and professional development of its Employees, encouraging their involvement in improving their own skills and competencies. The policies and actions related to recruitment, hiring, training and internally promoting employees must be based on clear criteria regarding skill, competence and professional merits.

Regarding human rights in the supply chain the Code says: NH has implemented a strict and detailed procedure for the evaluation and selection of new suppliers based on social, ethical and environmental criteria.

NH Group suppliers must maintain compliance with internationally recognized human rights and must not engage in abuse of these rights within their business operations.

Therefore, every supplier must treat each of their employees with dignity and respect. In no event shall physical or psychological punishment be allowed, nor harassment of any kind or abuse of power, always respecting the employees’ basic labor rights.

Every supplier must promote and respect the following principles:

  • Eliminate all forms of child labor.
  • Eradicate any form of forced or compulsory labor.
  • Prevent any type of discrimination in the workplace.
  • Respect the established maximum working hours and minimum wages and the rest of applicable law.
  • Ensure that its employees perform their work in conditions of health and safety and respecting the risk prevention law.
  • Respect the rights of employees to associate, unionize, organize or negotiate collectively without undergoing any kind of sanction.
  • Obtain and maintain the environmental permits for the operation of their company if required. Also, in case the operation generates waste, it must be monitored, controlled and treated as indicated in the relevant legislation.

NH Hotels’ new Code also makes economic and social commitments to their local communities, and further commitments to good environmental behaviour which they already evidence and can be read about here.

The Code also stipulates that the Group’s suppliers must maintain a preventive approach to environmental protection, adopt methods that benefit greater environmental responsibility and encourage the development and diffusion of technologies that respect the environment.

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