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PATA & EarthCheck launch sustainable tourism case studies

Khiri Travel. One of many sustainable tourism case studies

Khiri Travel. One of many sustainable tourism case studies

In December 2014, PATA partnered with EarthCheck to create an eighteen month campaign for PATA members entitled “Get in shape for 2015”. This campaign was designed to provide operators with insights and ideas on how they can achieve efficiency gains and lighten their environmental footprint by taking action on sustainable tourism.

EarthCheck reached out to PATA members who told them that reducing resource overheads and costs, engaging with clients and improving business systems and operations were key areas they would like hear more about.  Risk management and community outreach programs were other areas of interest. PATA have subsequently launched the first round of case studies, demonstrating what sustainability leaders are achieving.

The case studies range from smaller operators such as Queenstown Top 10 Holiday Park Creeksyde [1]in New Zealand, specialist ecotourism product such as Frangipani Resort [2] in Malaysia through to large resort hotel chains such as Centara Hotels & Resorts [3] and Dusit International [4].  The lesson being that it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, all operators can gain by addressing sustainability practices in their businesses. Tour groups and inbound operators also can play a significant role in supporting conservation and community based initiatives. Leaders such as Khiri Travel [5]have shown how to grow a tour business sustainably.

Further to this work with PATA, EarthCheck recently ran a water efficiency event in Thailand. During the event, EarthCheck and Ecolab Inc launched a WaterCheck, which provides travel and tourism operators with practical steps and tips on water efficiency. You can download the free WaterCheck and our keynote speaker’s presentation on the Water-Energy Nexus at this link [6].