Radisson Blu invites guests to ‘give a breakfast’

Buy a Breakfast, Give a Breakfast

Buy a Breakfast, Give a Breakfast

Continuing their charitable fundraising in Carlson Rezidor’s Responsible Business Action Month, Radisson Blu hotels have re-launched their guest-pleasing Super Breakfast, and invite guests to support the World Childhood Foundation.

Launching the Buy a Breakfast, Give a Breakfast initiative which will run throughout September, Philip Mahoney, Vice President Food & Drink at the Rezidor Hotel Group says, “Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day: designed to help us rise and shine, it should give us a great start. It’s also usually the final meal a guest enjoys with us before leaving, so it’s vital it creates a really positive and memorable impression, both of our individual hotels and of our brilliant Radisson Blu brand.”

Super Breakfast is a renowned breakfast offer that has played a major role in Radisson Blu’s brand proposition for many years. “We know that our guests’ tastes and preferences continuously change and evolve. So we’ve re-analysed what the sophisticated modern traveler really wants and expects, then re-evaluated what we at Radisson Blu actually deliver, to ensure that moving forwards, we’re 100% satisfying our guest’s desires and expectations,” adds Mahoney.

The brand held breakfast trials with guests of the Radisson Blu Strand and Radisson Blu Royal Viking hotels in Stockholm and at the Radisson Blu EU Hotel in Brussels. The research produced encouragingly positive guest satisfaction scores and provided the following insights on what guests expected from a great breakfast:

  • A real sense of place – food that represents the locality and season
  • Unbeatable quality – including great coffee and really fresh orange juice
  • Health considerations –low fat, low sugar and food intolerance choices that are easy to find
  • Beautiful presentation to stir the senses – with tableware, linens and scents
  • The service – Radisson Blu’s Yes I Can! philosophy

Throughout September Radisson Blu will encourage its guests to taste the new Super Breakfast and also help vulnerable children by taking part in Buy a Breakfast, Give a Breakfast. Funds raised by the initiative will go to the World Childhood Foundation and will be shared between three of its projects: Advance, The Way Home in Ukraine and SixtyOneThree, based in South Africa.

Radisson Blu estimates that 50 guests in each of their 70 participating hotels can potentially provide 3,500 breakfasts for children who don’t have access to a proper breakfast or meal. Volunteers from Radisson Blu hotels will also be active in their local communities serving Super Breakfast to children, and engaging in several fundraising and community service activities throughout the month.

Joanna Rubinstein President & CEO, World Childhood Foundation USA says, “Our aim is to protect and support children across the globe. But for many, hunger is part of their everyday lives. So we’re hugely thankful to Radisson Blu for their Buy a Breakfast, Give a Breakfast project – and for their continued support of the foundation as a whole.”

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