Statler Hotel collaborates with Clean the World

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Cornell University's Statler Hotel joins up with Clean the World to help stop the spread of disease around the world

The Statler Hotel at Cornell University has joined other hotel companies in announcing a new collaboration with Clean the World, an innovative not-for-profit organization that aims to stop the spread of preventable diseases around the world by recycling and redistributing soap and bottled amenities that would otherwise be discarded.

The Statler, the teaching hotel for students at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, will recycle an estimated 1,500 pounds of soap and 1,000 pounds of bottled amenities per year through the Clean the World program. This will provide approximately 1,644 children with soap and 818 children with bottled amenities for an entire year, while also diverting a significant amount of waste from landfills. Since 2009, Clean the World has distributed more than 12 million bars of soap. Through the "ONE project" launched in late 2012, Clean the World provides hygiene kits domestically to the homeless and families in transition.

"We are excited to participate in the Clean the World program," said Rick Adie, general manager of the Statler Hotel. "This initiative is a wonderful way to serve the global community, and it reflects the Statler's commitment to sustainable hospitality. This program also gives our students hands-on experience as they continue to catalog the hotel's sustainability efforts, calculate costs and savings, and evaluate how the new initiative will positively impact the Statler."

Clean the World is the first program launched by the Statler as part of the hotel's sustainability partnership with EarthView, an award-winning program developed by The Hersha Group. Since the partnership was announced in February 2013, EarthView and the Statler have been working together to plan projects and initiatives as part of a comprehensive sustainability program. The partnership enables the Statler to further enrich its educational program while also realizing significant triple-bottom-line results for the property.

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