Steigenberger hotels welcome Spanish trainees

Steigenberger Hotels AG

Young Spanish trainees are welcomed to Steigenberger Hotels

The Steigenberger Hotel Group which was recognised this year as one of Germany’s ‘top employers’ is creating opportunities for 15 young people from Spain via an exchange programme.

The Group is living up to its status as a 2015 “Germany’s Top Employer” award winner by joining forces with the Federal Government and the not-for-profit education and training association Arbeit und Leben e.V. to offer 15 young people from Barcelona a chance to train in its hotels.

The young trainees will be living in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Bad Pyrmont and Kiel over the next three years during their training as cook, hotel or restaurant specialist.

A total of seven Steigenberger hotels are taking part in an exchange project organised by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs within the scope of the MobiPro-EU Programme, a European Union scheme aimed at fostering the occupational mobility of young people from Europe who are interested in training.

Puneet Chhatwal, CEO of Steigenberger Hotels AG, said, “Integration and international cooperation are enormously important topics for the Steigenberger Hotel Group. For this reason, we are particularly pleased to be able to support this project and offer the young people first-class training in the hotel business. The programme will strengthen their prospects and provide them with a high level of skills for the future.”

The young people will be provided with a mentor who provides support at a local level to help them find accommodation, enjoy their leisure time and deal with the various government authorities. The candidates have already undergone preparations for everyday life in Germany by completing a three-week practical placement in the properties. This programme has also included an intensive language course, excursions and city tours.

“We wish to offer these young people a second home in Germany and ensure that their apprenticeship gets off to a smooth start,” said Roberto Rojas, Head of Human Resources at Steigenberger Hotels AG. “Alongside the experience of everyday working life the participants will receive, personal mentoring, empathy and involvement in the social environment are all absolutely vital.”

Youth unemployment is a massive global issue and young people in the south of Europe have been particularly affected during the recession. The global tourism industry meanwhile continues to grow and currently supplies around one in every eleven jobs. By supporting young people – particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds like those assisted by the Youth Career Initiative – the hospitality industry can have a real and meaningful impact on young people’s future opportunities and the wellbeing of both young people and their families.

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