The Marriott International 2011-2012 Sustainability Report highlights the importance of both social and environmental initiatives

Ritz in Lake Tahoe, California

Marriot International recently released its second full Sustainability Report, announcing that $2.5 million has been invested in its environmental portfolio over the past three years, including significant contributions to workforce development for disadvantaged youth around the world to help them gain skills and jobs.

Through a global portfolio of partnerships called ‘World of Opportunity’, Marriott has addressed the  rising youth unemployment with programs such as the International Tourism Partnership’s Youth Career Initiative (YCI), SOS Children’s Villages and The Prince’s Trust and The Ritz-Carlton’s ‘Succeed Through Service’.  On top of partner organisations, the Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities (MFPD) has provided more than 13,500 youths in mainstream employment.

‘For Marriott, creating a sustainable future includes preserving the environment, but it also means creating more jobs and stronger communities,’ said Mari Snyder, vice president of social responsibility. ‘Over the next two years, we plan to hire approximately 100,000 people in our growing portfolio of hotels, two-thirds outside the United States. These programs are equipping disadvantaged youth with employable skills that can hopefully prepare them for jobs with Marriott.’

In the report, Marriott captures results from 2011 in the areas of environmental, economic and social responsibility performance.  Highlights from the report include:

• A 12% reduction in water consumption per occupied room and a 4% reduction in energy consumption per square meter since 2007

• The launch of Green Hotel Global, an online tool giving guests and business customers access to a comprehensive list of environmental metrics and practices for each hotel in the Marriott portfolio

• Investing in sustainable development with the announcement of plans to open the company’s first hotel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

• Delivering 'Human Rights and the Protection of Children' training to all associates worldwide and participating in the International Tourism Partnership’s Human Trafficking Working Group, which created an Industry Position Statement on Human Trafficking

• Securing a $200,000 grant for YCI from the U.S. Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons in order to include rehabilitated survivors of human trafficking into the YCI program in Mexico, Vietnam and Brazil

• Marking the three-year anniversary of the company’s $2 million commitment to the Juma Sustainable Development Reserve in Amazonas, Brazil to protect 1.4 million acres of rainforest

• Helping to protect the source of fresh water in south-western China’s Sichuan Province through the company’s Nobility of Nature program in partnership with Conservation International

For more information about Marriott’s corporate social responsibility initiatives or for a full copy of the report, visit

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