Tree-free amenities help Chatrium Hotels put Earth First

Stone paper packaging makes for eco friendly amenities

Stone paper packaging makes for eco friendly amenities

Chatrium Hotels and Residences in Bangkok and Yangon are using innovative stone paper in their guest bathroom amenities, and keeping to their environmental ethos of “Think First Think Earth”.

The carefully crafted environmental collection of guest room amenities represents a continued effort toward increased environmental friendliness by Chatrium.

The “Tree Free” packaging is made from stone paper, an ultra-sustainable and eco-friendly paper-like material made from stone remains. The materials is earth friendly, energy efficient and acid free. The accessory items are packaged in biodegradable tubes and sachets that have been carefully selected and manufactured with d2w® controlled-life additives which are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

“One of the major concerns among environmentally aware guests is the wastage of soap, shampoo, conditioner and other amenities’ containers in hotel bathrooms," says Savitri Ramyarupa, Managing Director of Chatrium Hotels and Residences. “Therefore, with our mindful approach of preserving the resources of our planet, and to continue our eco-responsible approach, we are proud to introduce our new line of guest room amenities which are 100% eco-friendly”

The group aims to fulfil its environmental responsibility promise of “Think First Think Earth” in all items. The eco-friendly amenities details are:

  • Accessories packaging is made from Stone Paper and printed in soy-ink.
  • Dental Set is comprised of a biodegradable toothbrush, made from d2w Oxo-biodegradable plastic, wrapped in a stone paper bag.
  • Shower cap is fully degradable and made from d2w Oxo-biodegradable plastic.
  • Shaving kit is composed of a biodegradable razor, made from d2w Oxo-biodegradable plastic, and a shaving cream tube developed from biodegradable plastic. All items are packaged in a stone paper bag.
  • Vanity kit is 100% biodegradable, made of cotton pads, and paper based cotton tips.
  • Sewing kit is made from biodegradable components.
  • All accessory items are manufactured with d2w® controlled-life additives which will degrade to carbon and water within 36 months once disposed in a landfill.

Stone paper is a paper-like product made from calcium carbonate mixed with HDPE (high density polyethylene) and is sometimes known as rock paper or mineral paper. It’s becoming increasingly popular for notepads as the surface is easily written upon, but the page is a little stronger than traditional paper. It is water and grease resistant. No bleaches or acids are used in its production. The product claims to be photo-degradable after some months in direct light, but it is not biodegradable if buried.

d2w is described as controlled-life plastic technology which is designed to shorten the lifespan of normal plastic products and packaging. The product claims to be a carefully researched and tested additive to normal plastic at the extrusion or casting stage of manufacture. Products can be recycled like other plastics or, at the end of a product’s predetermined life, the plastic will start degrading in the presence of oxygen by a process of oxidation, which is accelerated by light, heat and stress. Bio-degradation is completed by micro-organisms.

Hotels are often looking for ways to make guest amenities more eco friendly. For some soap recycling projects are the way forward, others prefer to make their amenities refillable. Ensuring the packaging of bathroom amenities are as environmentally friendly as possible, is another great step to improving sustainability.

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