Twitter Q&A on “The Role of Hotels in Disaster Relief”

Join our Twitter chat on Thursday 29th January

Join our Twitter chat on Thursday 29th January

Join our first Twitter chat of 2015 and help us discuss the role of hotels in disaster relief.

On Boxing Day, 26th December 2004, the single worst tsunami in history hit the shores of Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and other countries on the Indian Ocean, killing almost 228,000 people.

The tsunami followed an undersea earthquake off the coast of Sumatra which measured more than 9.0 magnitude, and caused waves up to 30m high to crash on many shores in the region, often in popular tourist areas. Subsequent donations to affected countries topped $14 billion.

Ten years on, Green Hotelier is looking at the lessons which have been learned following the tragedy, but also investigating the role of hotels at times of disaster.

Usually of strong construction and often with their own power sources, hotels frequently draw people at times of trouble to provide shelter and security. But what role can and should they play when disaster strikes? Standing in the midst of a community devastated by disaster, how can they offer help and support? What if their staff have lost homes or family? How can they help if the local economy depends on tourism?

Join our Twitter chat on Thursday 29th January at 13.30 GMT and help us debate the role of hotels during times of disaster. Which hotels do you know that have played an active role? How did they help?

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