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Twitter Q&A on Youth Opportunities

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On August 27th at 13:30 BST Green Hotelier is going to run its first ever Twitter Q&A

As a partner of the Youth Career Initiative [2], a work and life skills programme for disadvantaged young people, we know first hand that when hotels provide valuable opportunities for young people it is often a win-win scenario. We also know that there are hundreds of hotel properties around the world providing excellent and vital opportunities for young people from a range of backgrounds. The business case for engaging with young people has never been greater.

Our first ever Twitter Chat on the 27th August at 13.30 BST is going to tap into this knowledge and give our readers a chance to share their experiences. These might be hearing directly from young people that haveĀ taken partĀ in work experience, those that have set up a charitable programme, partnering with schools or offered a chance for disadvantaged young people to gain skills. Although our focus is on encouraging young people into opportunities in the hospitality industry, we're keen to hear and learn from anyone who has found ways to engage young people.

For more information check out our first Talking Point on youth opportunities here [3]or read previous articles about hotels working with young people [4].

Joining our Twitter chat is simple:

1. Follow @Green_Hotelier [5]
2. Use the hashtag #ghdebates to make sure your voice is heard
3. Join our #ghdebates live chat here [6]

Looking forward to chatting with you then!