New IEMA-certificated training programme

A new training programme designed to provide managers and others with the knowledge, understanding and skills to improve their organisation’s environmental management and sustainability performance is now available from the British Safety Council

The IEMA Associate Certificate in Environmental Management teaches managers, supervisors and others how to identify the organisation’s key environmental risks and implement measures to improve environmental management systems and procedures. Aimed at anyone with environmental responsibilities, the training course also provides the skills required to enhance the organisation’s approach to sustainable development.

John Phillips, director of qualifications and standards at the British Safety Council, said: “Businesses are facing ever-greater legal, financial and reputational pressure from customers, suppliers and regulators to reduce the environmental and social impacts of their day-to-day activities, products and services.

“This new training course not only provides managers, supervisors and other representatives with the knowledge and skills to ensure their organisation complies with environmental laws and best practice, but also provides the tools required to implement sustainable development practices, such as reduced use of energy and raw materials, more efficient use of the supply chain and more sustainable products and services.

“By implementing these measures, organisations can reduce costs, control environmental risks, improve their business reputation and win new business.”

How it works
The IEMA Associate Certificate in Environmental Management is a ten-day classroom-based training programme delivered by qualified and experienced British Safety Council tutors. Designed to raise the professional competence of environmental practitioners, the course covers 10 elements – including environmental legislation, the assessment, interpretation and management of business environmental performance and how to influence business behaviour to improve sustainability.

Upon successful completion of the ten-day course, self-study tasks and a final written examination, learners will be equipped with the understanding and skills to be able to monitor and measure business environmental performance, advise senior management on the preventative and protective measures to put in place and identify sustainable approaches to business activities.

Candidates who successfully complete the course and assessment are also granted Associate Membership of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (AIEMA) – widely regarded as the minimum standard for those wishing to work as environmental practitioners.

Nationally recognised qualification
John Phillips adds: “Consumers and business customers are increasingly demanding their suppliers and partners demonstrate environmentally-responsible and sustainable business practices. This means high standards of environmental management and sustainable development are now essential components of any successful organisation’s long-term business strategy.

“This nationally-recognised IEMA-certificated qualification provides the knowledge and skills required to identify and implement policies, procedures and cultural change to comply with environmental legislation and minimise environmental impacts.”

The IEMA Associate Certificate in Environmental Management costs £1,560 + VAT, plus £135 IEMA membership fee, to British Safety Council members. For non-members, the qualification costs £1,760 + VAT plus £135 IEMA membership fee.

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